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On our Facebook page we have a large community to interact with, share magical information and give you inspiration for the day. You’ll also find quotes to brighten your day or get you thinking, links to magical articles of ours and from other magical people, tips on magic, magical pictures, specials and free offerings on items in our store, and videos to give you hope like this one:

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Many magical and shamanic practitioners are surrounded by people not following a magical path and feel alone or isolated. This is where the magic of the internet and Facebook can really help. Instant access to others who believe in magic 24/7. Since there are so many magical traditions to choose from, you’ll find a wide variety of magical interests to gain inspiration from as we have people from all different magical walks of life interacting. If you are new to magic, this is a great way to explore some of the various traditions and find what resonates with you. If you have a long standing practice, this is a great way to find those of like mind.

To give you an idea of the type of information you’ll find on our Facebook page, here are some of the recent posts we’ve shared:
Magical Tip: If you really want to give yourself a huge gift of healing and relaxation during the day, breathe. Set aside three minutes to give yourself this gift. Turn off the phone, close the door, dim the lights, and just breathe. You can either breathe deeply and deliberately, holding inhales and exhales for several counts, or you can relax by just following your breath but exerting no effort.

Quote: “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” – Pema Chodron

Article from quantumstones.com – Clear Quartz Healing Stones  – The Crystal of Ultimate Powerhttp://quantumstones.com/clear-quartz-healing-stones-crystal-ultimate-power/

Magical Tip: Magic can restore control to people’s lives, especially for people who feel that their lives are spinning out of control. Magic restores control because it helps people become more anchored, stable, and secure in their lives, and people who are anchored are less likely to encounter “accidents” or events outside their control.

Article from shamanmagic.blogspot.comMaximizing the Power of Your Magic Spell: Choosing the Right Format

Quote: “Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” – Marianne Williamson

Magical Test: What Color is Your Soul?http://bitecharge.com/play/soulcolor/h2

Get the idea? Lots of fun, inspiration, and magical sharing going on. Join us and let your voice be heard!


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