Wand – Air Tool eBook


This ebook is a basic beginner’s guide to using the Wand and covers:

-How to make your own Wand.
-How to “Key” your Wand so that only you can use it.
-Using your Wand for healing even chronic and acute pain.
-Communicating with your Wand at the psychic level.
-Creating Shields with your Wand against many forms of negativity and harm.



Format: E-book, 16 pages
The Wand is one of the essential magical tools for communication,  healing, shielding and protection. Being an Air tool, the Wand is a powerful yet safe way to extend your own energies and abilities. It can amplify your abilities but you’re apt to do less unintentional damage with it than with other tools, such as the Athame or magical knife.
With your Wand you can:

  • Heal yourself and others magically
  • Protect yourself from outer negative influences and forces
  • Create sacred space in your home and your environment with specially programmed shields
  • Send psychic messages to other people


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