Psychic Sun Shield for Males


This simple Psychic Shield amulet is effective protection against other people’s negative or harmful energies. These psychic shields:

  • Can be personalized to you so that they protect only you.
  • Deflect psychic attacks from in front and behind your body.
  • Blacken or scorch when hit.
  • Can be worn 24 hours a day.
  • Are made of sterling silver.
  • Come with instructions for keying.


The seven pointed star, also known as the Faery or Elven Star in Wiccan traditions, is a septagram—a religious symbol that is sacred to certain pagan or Wiccan traditions. Much less common than the pentagram in magical practice, the seven pointed star has one major advantage over the pentagram as a shield or protective symbol (many magical traditions advocate using the pentagram on the front and back of magical books, such as a Book of Shadows, for protection).

The seven pointed star is created by combining a four pointed square with a three pointed triangle in such a way as to create a continuously circulating figure. This is also the “Seven Arrows” design. To create this star, you have to circulate twice around your starting point, and this creates the continuous circling energy in this figure.

Once set into motion, the seven pointed star continues to circulate forever, making it an eternally spinning shield or protector (start the star in motion by “keying it” with electric blue energy from your finger or Athame). The pentagram, on the other hand, always requires an outside “push” from the base to the tip of any point, and stops transmitting energy once that outer force stops. If you’re looking for a protective shield or symbol, the Faery star is a good one to consider.

The number seven is very sacred to many traditions. In some traditions, the four points unite the four magical elements on the planet (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) with the three points that represent the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). Other traditions consider the seven points to represent the seven directions (North, South, East, West, above, below, and within), the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, the seven tones of the diatonic scale, or the seven days of the week. This star is also known to some as the Star of the Seven Sisters.

In the Esoteric School, we follow the tradition of the Church of Seven Arrows, and use the seven pointed star on our protective Psychic Shields that we offer to students and the public. These shields have been shown to protect from psychic attack in all directions, deflecting unwanted energies and blackening when attacked. A very, very effective symbol for magical use!

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