Plate eBook


This ebook is a basic beginner’s guide to using the Plate and covers:

-How to choose an appropriate Plate.
-How to “Key” your Plate so that only you can use it.
-How to store and care for your Plate.
-How to program your Plate to perform basic magical operations.



The Plate is an important protective magical tool. Also known as the “Pantacle ”, the Plate is the Earth element tool and, like all other magical tools, can enhance and increase your ability to handle magical energies (in this case, Earth energies). Magicians use the Plate mostly for protection, but also for healing. As with the other tools, it’s important to study them in the proper sequence, beginning with the Wand, then the Athame and Chalice, and then the Plate.

With your Plate you can:

  • Disconnect yourself from messy, “sticky” emotional ties and relationships (including psychic vampires)
  • Shield your magical operations, such as Divination or Tarot readings, from external influence
  • Heal Earth related injuries and illnesses, such as weaving together broken bones
  • Protect magical items such as pendulums and Chalices


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