Chalice – Water Tool eBook


This ebook is a basic beginner’s guide to using the Chalice and covers:

-How to choose an appropriate Chalice.
-How to “Key” your Chalice so that only you can use it.
-How to store and care for your Chalice.
-How to program your Chalice to perform basic magical operations.



The Chalice is an essential tool for the magician’s altar. Chalices are associated with the element Water, and are used for healing, protection, scrying and more. Since Water is a powerful element, often having the power of compulsion, we suggest that you first learn how to use the Wand and Athame, the Air and Fire tools. Like all tools, the Chalice extends and enhances your own energies.

With your Chalice you can:

  • Communicate psychically and on a Spirit level with other people, even those who have crossed over
  • Heal yourself and others, including working with conditions such as arthritis, scar tissue, swelling and more (all Water-related conditions)
  • Find lost people and objects
  • Cleanse and protect your sacred space
  • Bless yourself and others


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