Basic Magic: Tribal Traditions for a Modern World – Continuing Student


Continuing In the Tribe

If you are already a member of the tribe and are returning to pay for month to month access to the course, please make your payment of $69.00 by adding this product to your cart and then proceeding to Checkout. This payment will cover 30 days of access to the online Basic Magic Course and access to the interactive portion of the class with the teacher and other students. The interactive portion may be by teleconference and/or by Skype, so be sure you have access by those means and are aware of any additional charges you may incur from your phone company provider or internet provider. Also be aware that times for the teleconference will be set up in Pacific Time Zone in the U.S. so there may be a time difference if you are in another country that will restrict your participation.

If you are a first time student in the group, please do not use this payment page. Instead, go to the Registration Page and from there you will be directed to the registration payment page.

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