Athame – Fire Tool eBook


This ebook is a basic beginner’s guide to using the Athame and covers:

-How to choose an appropriate Athame.
-How to “Key” your Athame so that only you can use it.
-How to store and care for your Athame.
-Flow all forms of Fire energy through your Athame for multiple purposes including healing and protection.




Format: E-book,  20 pages

The Athame (pronounced a-THAW-me or ATH-uh-may) is one of the most powerful magical tools. Associated with the Fire element, the Athame is used for healing, protection, shielding and banishing unwanted beings. Because it is such a powerful tool, we suggest you start with the Wand first.


With your Athame you can:

  • Protect yourself from many forms of attack using house shields, half shields and full body shields
  • Heal yourself and others from many kinds of pain and illness (most forms of illness are fire-related)
  • Clear yourself of sticky and unhealthy emotional “attachments”
  • Banish unwanted beings from your sacred space


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