Sample Course Material

These audio clips are samples from the various Basic Magic and Basic Shamanism classes. Each clip is a segment of class, and is meant to give you a feel for the course.

Sample Audio Clips of Basic Magic Class

Listen Below:


Introduction to the realm of magic, esoteric terms and the basics of this course.

Building Air Boxes:

How to build air boxes to adjust your energetic balances and send psychic messages to people.

Flowing Fire Energy:

How to flow fire energy to get rid of headaches, nervous tension, anger and chronic pain. Also useful for making candle flames jump on command!

Hand to Hand Water Exchange for Healing:

Hand to hand water exchange is useful for getting rid of old, stuck feelings, releasing old beliefs and reducing excess water in the body.

Four Element Balancing:

Do you always respond to certain situations in the same manner? The way you respond to life has to do with your elemental balances. Are you high in air, fire, water or earth? Adjusting your elemental balances can transform the way you interact with life.

Sample Video Clips of Basic Magic Class

Building Air Boxes for Communication and Healing:

Air boxes are simple to construct and useful for healing, energy balancing and psychic communication with other people.

Throwing Firebolts at Candles:

Throwing firebolts at candle flames is an effective method for testing your ability to flow fire energy. You can flow fire energy to get rid of pain and anger, calm down a crowd situation or defend yourself from attackers.

Sending Water Box Messages:

Sending water box messages can be useful for all kinds of psychic communication.

Rooting With Earth Energies:

Rooting is a great technique for getting rid of excess tension, pain, worry and fear, and receiving needed nutrients, grounding and assistance from Earth Mother.