We all have spirit guides whether we know it or not or whether we are in contact with them or not. They are there and available to help us just for the asking. Spirit Guides may take on many forms, including angels, animal totems, loved ones from our past or past lives, and forms not recognized on this planet. Spirit guides can help with just about anything you need help with. They can help with manifestations, help make life easier by solving problems or offer guidance when you are not sure what to do. They have a wealth of knowledge from a broader perspective than we have just waiting for us to tap into.

You do have to remember when asking for help from spirit guides that Universal Laws still apply. So for example if you ask for something and then are not in a mode to receive it you won’t get the desired results. It’s like asking for a particular gift and when it is being presented to you, you turn it down. The Universe delivers that which you put your attention towards or in other words what you are thinking and feeling. If you have doubts that your guides can help you or express negative thoughts or emotions about your situation then the answers, solutions and help you seek cannot be delivered. Just remember to relax, and be in a mood of joy and gratitude, letting the assistance you seek flow to you. In other words, get out of the way and let your guides do their work. Be open to allowing the assistance to come in whatever way they choose to send it. If you set too many parameters around how, when and where you think the solution should arrive then you are limiting the magical possibilities. And after all if you already had the solution and things were working out doing it your way, then you probably wouldn’t be asking for help, right?

If you have not been communicating with your spirit guides and communication with other beings is new to you, then you may need to have some practice before you get to a point of desperately needing help with a situation. Go ahead and start practicing with small things. For example, ask for help with reserving a parking space close to the door at the mall. Practice with small requests and how you word them. Be sure to always thank your spirit guides in advance after making a request and again after the results are achieved. This practice time gives you the opportunity to hone your communication skills to get the optimal results and practice in finding the various ways communications come to you from various spirit guides. Your guides may communicate to you through signs that you need to be observant enough to catch. Some people hear the answers “in their head”. Other times it might be that the right person or resource appears at just the right time and that’s your answer. Become accustomed to the types of communications that come from your various guides.

Remember the story of the man trapped on his house in a flood? He asks God for help. People come by with boats and even a helicopter and he sends them away saying he is waiting for help from God. Finally when he asks God why he didn’t help him, God says I sent you a boat and even a helicopter, what else did you want? Help is always available from our spirit guides, we just have to remember to let go of the control of what that help looks like and be open to receiving the answers in whatever form it appears. Magical help is also available on our website. If you still have questions, post on our Facebook page where help and guidance are available from a whole magical community.

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