Relationship magic is a helpful tool in discovering your own personality traits and those of others in terms of which of the 4 elements most makes up your personality. This information can help you pick a career and relationships that you will be successful in. Here is a quick summary of the basic 4 elemental personality types and some of the characteristics they display.

Air Personality
If your personality is predominantly Air, then you have good communication skills, are adept at planning and are a good mediator. You also are a thinker who is quick to come up with ideas, solutions and inspirations. Your memory is excellent, but you are also easily distracted by various ideas and change your beliefs, opinions and ideas often. Completing projects and tasks is a challenge for you due to being easily distracted and because you like novelty and change rather than stability and practicality.

Fire Personality
If your personality is predominantly Fire, you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life. You are achievement oriented and action based. You are probably a natural leader, are creative and easily excited. You may be into thrill seeking through activities such as extreme sports and like to live life in the fast lane. You are easily frustrated by things moving along too slowly and become impatient or irritable with others who are not action oriented or just moving too slowly for you.

Water Personality
People with predominantly Water personalities are empathetic and compassionate people. They are the people others go to for comfort, love or assurance. They are usually caretakers of other people, animals and the planet and often are empaths, psychic and healers. These type of personalities value integrity and harmony and strive to create balance. They are aware of the beauty and gifts in their lives and appreciative of them. The challenge for these people is to not get so involved in other people’s problems and emotions that they take them on themselves along with the negative energies. Instead of trying to fix everyone and their problems, they would do better to realize that modeling appreciation, joy and gratitude which comes natural for them is a better way to serve.

Earth Personality
Those people that have predominantly Earth personalities are practical and pragmatic. They are patient, stable, strong in character and persistent. These type of people value loyalty, structure, permanence and boundaries. These usually serene people are good at building strong foundations, finding out how things work, and manifesting. They are not risk takers and can be stubborn, inflexible and slow to make decisions. Collecting too many material possessions is often a downside of this personality type as is getting stuck in a rut.

Relationship Magic: Communication
Once you know your personality type and the personality type of someone you have a relationship with, you can plan ways to “get along with” the other person or possibly know personality types that you should avoid having close relationships with. Let’s look at an example and see how this might work.

Leah and Karen work together in an office situation and have jobs that are on equal footing. Leah is an Earth personality and Karen is a Fire personality. They often butt heads due to Leah’s tendency to mull things over and take her time before making a decision and Karen’s tendency to want things to move quickly. Karen is easily frustrated by her job to begin with because it doesn’t always stimulate her need for expressing her passion and creativity and her Fire personality causes her to often want to act before thinking. Leah frustrates her further by wanting to think things through very thoroughly before acting. You can see the problems these two personality types have getting along when they are in a situation that requires them to work together and make joint decisions.

There are a few different ways that Leah and Karen could learn to have better communication that would leave both feeling less frustrated. If they were each aware of their own personality type and each other’s type, then they could suggest a division of work that would play to their own strengths. For example for a given problem, Karen could gather data quickly, come up with creative solutions and make her decision on a recommended solution. She could then turn all her work over to Leah to mull over and make a decision. If they do not agree on the solution, then they will need to interact and have communication about it. Being aware of each other’s elemental personality, Karen would know that using a slow, deep voice could insure that Leah will be more receptive to what she is saying. Leah would be aware of her tendency to be inflexible and make the extra effort to really listen to Karen, possibly taking her idea and adding a bit of structure to it.

These two personality types at first glance seem like such opposites, but if you really consider each of their strengths, you may find that they could actually complement each other very well in this type situation. Giving Karen tasks that need to be done quickly, that allow her to use creativity and passion and assigning Leah more of the paperwork, computer tasks, and tasks that do not have to have quick decisions but do require organization would work well. So for example if these two women worked in the advertising business, Leah could do in depth research on a product or a new client and then turn this information over to Karen for her to develop some creative campaigns. Leah could then take the campaign and add some solid, practical suggestions. Karen would then do well with creating slides for the presentation while Leah could begin scripting the presentation. According to the personality type of the client, they would decide who would be most compatible with that personality type and the best to do the actual presentation of the campaign.

No matter which personality type or mixture of types you are dealing with, being aware of the strengths and weaknesses can help you use relationship magic to solve most relationship issues. You can get more information about the 4 elements in our four element short courses and take our Four Element Personality Test to find out your elemental type. Then like with any magical procedure think it through and you can find ways to get the most out of your relationships magically.

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