When you find yourself stuck in traffic, dealing with a sticky situation or just plain late don’t you wish you could hire an angel to smooth everything over? Guess what? You can! Angels are great at quick fixes. They can help you find the best parking space at a busy mall, end a tiresome meeting quickly, help you manifest needed resources or even smooth over a dinner with the in-laws.

Here’s how you hire an angel:

1. Say out loud or in your mind, “I would like to a request an angel specializing in [traffic, parking places, in-laws, etc.] of sun yellow, grass green, and powder blue.”
2. Wait a few moments until you feel a presence, or, if just wait a few moments. They don’t take long to get there.
3. Say, “Angel specializing in [your topic] of sun yellow, grass green, and powder blue, I would like to request your help in [state your case]. Thank you in advance for your help.” When you receive that which you have asked for, then thank the angel again. It is VERY IMPORTANT to thank angels so they will be willing to help you later.

There are angels for EVERYTHING, from dealing with particular people to telling you how much salt to put on your food. You can ask their help in absolutely anything. Part of their job is to help us – they can’t move on to the next level of their evolution unless they help us, and they can’t help us unless we ask for help. So there are groups of angels just waiting, begging, for us to ask them to help. But don’t take them for granted. Really appreciate them.

Also, they can’t go against your will unless you ask for that specifically. For instance, suppose you ask for an angel to help you get a job. If you are repeating negative thoughts in your head over and over about how you can’t possibly get a job, the angel can’t buck that current. However, you can request that one angel help you to stop thinking so negatively about whether you will get a job, and another angel to help you line up a job. Lengthy relationships aren’t required to work with angels – you can hire one on the spot. Angels are the ultimate quick fix!

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