by Alan Joel

If I were to ask you the question, “Who are your guides?” how could you answer? Have you personally met your guides and do you know them by name? Where is the place of common ground where you can easily converse with your guide? Of course “sacred space, ” a power spot, is highly useful for this, but even here, wherever we are now, it is possible for us to contact our guides when we create suitable conditions. Here is a meditation to help you find your principle guide. You may want to have someone read it aloud to you.

<> To begin, first hold the idea, “I want to meet my principle guide and I ask him or her to appear.”

<> Put yourself in the place of inner silence, letting go of your analytical mind. As you begin to count backward from ten to one, allow yourself to slide from your habitual state of awareness down into an altered state of higher Spirit awareness.

<> Ten, nine, eight… feel sensation flowing strongly throughout your arms and legs.

<> Seven, six, five… feel your breathing become even, slow, and deep.

<> Four, three, two… notice your thoughts drifting away like the retreating surf follows a breaking wave.

<> One… become aware of your complete relaxation and notice that you are in a state of deep tranquility.

<> Now become aware as your principle guide comes up behind you and stands very close. He or she bends down to whisper his or her name in your ear.

<> When you hear the name of your guide, nod your head in acknowledgement. Let “You are welcome” be your only thought. Now invite your guide to appear before you, revealing his or her identity and resemblance.

<> Allow yourself to be filled with appreciation for this presence who will always be available whenever you call.

<> Finally, let go so that you may return to the world of form. Count upwards from one to five, becoming fully alert and active at the count of five. One, two, three, four, five. Now open your eyes and enter the present world of thought, material, mass, space, and time. Your experience of your guide will remain with you. Know that you are never alone except by choice.