bigstock-Businessman-Taking-Away-Letter-98815121-EDIT200Who among us has not been stuck or trapped in a situation that seems impossible to resolve? We wonder how we have managed to paint ourselves into a corner… and if even we figure that out, we still can’t find the solution. No worries! It’s magick to the rescue. One of the best characteristics of using magick while living in the ordinary world is that magick exists on a higher level. That means that seemingly impossible problems are totally solvable by using magick.

With magick, there is always a solution, provided you think magickally. One of the best ways to check whether your mind is stuck on the hamster wheel of the “impossible” side of the problem, or whether you’re using a more magickal approach is to go around the Medicine Wheel and check in with the four directions.

Winds of the East
On the Medicine Wheel, the direction East is about thinking, communicating, breathing, meditating, enlightenment, planning, and so on. Magickally, one key thought that comes from the Winds of the East is:

“Nothing is impossible with magick. Everything is possible with magick”

If you find yourself down in the dumps, go outside, face the direction East, and say aloud in a voice of command, “Winds of the East, please help me remember today that nothing is impossible with magick, and that everything is possible with magick. Thank you in advance for your help.”

Pay attention to whether you continue to have hopeless thoughts, or whether new ideas, fresh outlooks, and changed perspectives come your way. Thank the Winds of the East again (using the same procedure) in the evening before you go to bed. Appreciation and gratitude are the best spiritual coin for higher beings who assist us.

Winds of the South
On the Medicine Wheel the direction South is about action, motivation, courage, movement, desire, and so forth. The magickal phrase that is often paired with the Winds of the South is:

“There are no wrong actions when guided by magick. Action is movement, and movement is life. The more alive you are, the more magickal your being becomes.”

As with the Winds of the East, you can ask for help using the same procedure whenever you feel the Winds of the South can be helpful. Call on the Winds of the South when you feel stuck, frustrated. unmotivated, fearful of taking action, or unsure of the next step. Face South rather than East, and use the same approach given previously. As with the Winds of the East, thank the Winds of the South ahead of time, and again at the end of the day. As you move through your day, notice whether you feel more motivated, moved to action, and less fearful about taking a misstep. If so, the Winds of the South are working in your life.

Winds of the West
The Winds of the West, on the Medicine Wheel, stand for feelings, emotions, passions (especially when combined with the fiery energy of the Winds of the South), and the language of Spirit. The key phrase for the Winds of the West is:

“When I listen to my feelings I am guided by my Higher Spirit. All is well and will continue to be well so long as I follow the guidance of my Higher Spirit.”

Magickally, you are not your body. You are a Spirit who has a body and a mind. Your Spirit lives in both the ordinary world and the Spirit realms. As such, your Spirit has access to more information about the lessons you are to learn this lifetime, the goals you set for yourself this lifetime, the experiences you hoped to have this lifetime, and more. Thus, listening to the guidance of your Higher Spirit via your emotions is an excellent way to navigate your way through life. Use the same ritual given previously to ask for help from the Winds of the West.

Winds of the North
Strength and perseverance are the hallmarks of the Winds of the North. While the Winds of the South represent the fiery essence of power, the staunch Winds of the North represent the strength to endure life’s hardships and suffering. The key phrase used with the Winds of the North is:

“I have the strength to endure all that is in my life as I await the results of the workings of Spirit, magick, the Universe, and all higher beings I have asked to help. Higher help always comes to me, and until then I have the strength to endure.”

When life seems unfair, or sorting your way through life’s problems seems to be taking an interminable amount of time, ask the Winds of the North to bolster your strength and endurance. The Winds of the North can make staunch allies when the going gets tough.

Why Magick Does Not Work Immediately
One of the most common misconceptions about magick is that it can and will “instantly” fix life’s problems, large or small. Magick is not an instant parlor trick. Rather, magick is a living energy that we beings tap into for all the attributes listed in this article: knowledge, power, guidance from Spirit, and the strength to endure.

Magick CAN and DOES solve those problems that are seemingly impossible to solve with ordinary means. At the same time, magick is neither instant nor free. While anyone is free to tap into the giant wave of magick that exists on this planet and throughout this Universe, magick requires payment in knowledge, learning, skill, power, appreciation, and practice. Those who practice magick on a daily basis will gain in force on an exponential level. Those who simply dabble with magick will gain magickal help in small increments, but will not be able to cobble together enough force to perform the more complicated and powerful magickal rituals.

Magick is a living force in our world, just as any part of Mother Nature is a living, breathing force. One of the most important goals of practicing magick is to develop a strong and unshakable relationship with the different spirits, guides, totems, guardians, and beings on the Hierarchy of magickal creatures in this Universe. Just as any banker who is a total stranger may lend you a small amount of money for some enterprise, a personal banker who has come to know and trust you will not hesitate to lend you much larger sums of money based mostly on trust and mutual respect. The same is true of the magickal beings in the Universe. Trust and respect are built over time through the diligent practice and working of magick on a daily basis.

The motto of the story is this: Magick will always come to your rescue if you so allow. The degree of help you gain from the forces of magick is dependent on the depth of your relationship with these forces. Like any good relationship, your relationship with the living power that is magick–and the specific magickal beings in the Universe–must be cultivated and tended to over time. Such relationships are developed, deepened, and woven tightly day by day, magickal act by magickal act. This, then, is how one truly thinks as a practitioner of magick. If you are ready to start on a magickal path, our Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners Kindle book can help you begin. See all our Kindle books and magickal ebooks and watch for our new course Basic Magic: Tribal Traditions for a Modern World coming soon.

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