Do you ever get up in the morning and feel groggy rather than refreshed? Perhaps you were nervous about the coming day and didn’t sleep well? If you feel tired or depressed in the morning and need an energy boost, use the Sun Candle.

You will need a pure yellow candle (a bright yellow that is not too orange) and wooden or paper matches. You can find pure yellow candles at most grocery stores in the section with the religious candles (in glass containers).

You will also need to know which direction is South. To get an energy boost with the Sun Candle, you will need to “charge” it, or program it to help you. Here’s how:

– Stand or sit in the South facing North with the Sun Candle in front of you
– Light the candle using wooden or paper matches (do NOT use a lighter)
– Wait until the candle flame is steady and tall
– Hold your hands up to and around the flame, focusing your attention on the candle and flame.
– Say the charge verse below in a voice of command (a strong, powerful voice)

Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And Protect My Aim!

If there are other people in the room with you, you can change the “My” to “Our” and the word “Spirit” to “Spirits.” Leave the candle burning for at least 30 minutes (be sure the candle is on a protected surface such as a plate and is not a fire hazard).

At the end of 30 minutes or when you feel ready, blow out the flame (don’t snuff it). Spend a moment or two to see if you can detect a difference in the level and quality of your energy. You should feel lighter, more harmonious and more peaceful.

If you’re feeling particularly groggy and just charging the candle isn’t giving you as much energy as you feel you need, you can also put your hands around the candle, near the flame, and pull in Sun Yellow energy from the candle, not the flame. Sun Yellow energy nourishes the spirit and provides energy. Don’t think about how to pull the energy in through your hands and up your arms, just do it. Energy from a candle is very radiative and flows outward easily. Pull for 15 or 30 seconds then stop and see how you feel. Don’t pull too much because some people have a tendency to convert Sun Yellow energy into Yellow Orange energy, which is the energy of anxiety and nervousness.

The next time you feel groggy, distracted or not quite awake, use the Sun Candle for a quick fix! For more magical quick fixes check out our Magical Quick Fixes eBook