School is back in session, fall is just around the corner, and from a shaman’s point of view, it’s time to celebrate. In tribal times, the tribe would take time out from daily activities to celebrate the change of season. Celebration is a way of completing and clearing out the old from the past season, and welcoming new energies appropriate to the coming season.

Whether you journal, drum, chant, meditate, or just be, take time to finish the old and start the cycle of creation anew for the coming season. No matter what you want to manifest in your life, staying in tune with the seasons will help any creation along.

A great way to celebrate is to adapt the question circle technique to a ritual of appreciation and thanks. To do this, define a circular area where you can work. Have a lit sun yellow candle, pen, and paper with you. Then:

1) Bring your candle, pen, and paper to the east quarter of your circle. Sit facing the outside of the circle (facing east). Ask the Winds of Knowledge to show you what you have learned or become enlightened about this season. Write down everything that comes to you. Keep writing until nothing more comes to you (be prepared — it could be lots of info!). Thank the Winds of Knowledge.

2) Move to the south, and sit facing south. Ask the Winds of Power to show you what desires have come to you this season, as well as what acts of will and achievement have occurred. Again, write until nothing more comes. Thank the Winds of Power.

3) Move to the west, and sit facing west. Ask the Winds of Feeling what emotional insights and changes have occurred this past season, again writing until nothing more comes. Thank the Winds of Feeling.

4) Move to the north, and sit facing north. Ask the Winds of Strength what creations you have brought to full manifestation this season, and what you’ve learned about creating foundations and being practical. Write until nothing more comes. Thank the Winds of Strength.

5) Come back to the center of your circle and sit facing north. Read through what has come to you, digesting and savoring it slowly.

You may want to repeat the entire process every few days, or just read over what you’ve written until you begin to fully appreciate what you have created and achieved in your life this season. Appreciation of completion is essential for releasing the old and welcoming the new, both of which are necessary for proper creation. Most of the time, we don’t take the time to fully realize all the wonderful things we have created in our lives. This process helps you do just that. Enjoy the process — not only will you learn lots about yourself, you’ll also clear your mental, emotional, and physical decks so new creations can occur in your life!

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