If you’ve done any sort of spiritual work, you know that the road to personal inner truth often seems long and confusing, filled with false starts and dead ends. Yet we seem to continuously seek our own inner truths regardless of how many brick walls we run into. It’s as if we have deep within us a genetic command or spiritual force that drives us relentlessly forward to discover who we are and why we are here.

If you’re really keen to discover your personal inner truth, the real essence of yourself, and have become discouraged with the process, take heart! Here’s a magical principle that you can use as a compass as you find your way to inner truth: the prime directive.

According to the master teachers throughout the ages, every spirit has a main guiding principle or directive or assigned at the moment of creation. When we follow our unique personal prime directive, we live happy and prosperous lives. When we don’t, we are confronted with all kinds of barriers, obstacles, and life lessons.

Sounds great, right? Discovering your prime directive is a wonderful way to expand your horizons and manifest freely in life. Before your dive in though, consider these factors about the prime directive:

  • It’s One Word: Prime directives are one word long – words like love, enjoy, create, discover, or know.
  • We’ve Forgotten It: We were aware of our directive between lifetimes, but usually don’t remember it when come into each new lifetime. We have to discover it anew each lifetime until we know it so clearly we don’t forget from lifetime to lifetime.
  • It’s What We Are Not Doing: We usually live in opposition to our prime directive. To discover your directive, look what occurs least in your life. Your close friends and family can probably see this more clearly than you can.
  • While it may take you a while to discover your prime directive, the results are well worth the effort. If you consistently have trouble finding clues about your prime directive, seeking the help of an astrologer can often set you on the right path. Your astrological chart highlights the lessons you are to learn this lifetime, from which you might be able to uncover your prime directive.

Living in alignment with your prime directive puts you into the flow of spirit energy. Instead of struggling against the current all the time, you will find a new vital resurgent force that will move your life to new and unexpected heights. You will manifest more easily than ever before.

Knowing and living your prime directive is real magic that truly works.