Getting started on a magickal path takes very little time, and magick is always waiting outside the door of our reality, waiting to be invited in. Simple magickal rituals, done for hundreds of years, are proven ways to open the door to magick. We’ve written about many daily rituals over the years that are simple and anyone can do. The more people performing acts of magick on the earth plane, the higher we raise the consciousness of the planet, so jump in. Here are some of our favorites you can start using. Click the links for in depth information on any that “call” to you.

Hiring Angels  – Working with angels on a daily basis is a great way to start relationships with higher beings and invite magick into your life to help with everyday problems.

Sun Candle  – This simple magick ritual can be used to clear negative energies, lighten your mood, help you rebalance your emotions, or bring you a sense of peace and harmony.

Exit Ritual – This contact ritual gives you a way to begin establishing relationships with higher beings and maintain that relationship on a daily basis.

Rooting  – This easy ritual can be done anytime, anywhere when you need to dump negative energies, get an energy boost, revitalize and refresh yourself, or just want to make a connection with nature and Mother Earth.

Doing daily rituals on a regular basis is a quick and easy way to open the doorway to magic and start living a magickal life. Try one or all of these rituals and see how magick can work for you. Want to invite more magick into your life and open the magickal doorway even further? Our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook can help you with that.


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