brick-wallDoes it sometimes seem like no matter how hard you try to achieve some goal in your life, that you keep bashing your head into a brick wall? If so, then you know how frustrating it is to throw every ounce of energy into creating something or achieving something, only to run into a seemingly insurmountable obstacle at every turn.

Don’t worry. You are in good company. The “brick wall syndrome” has happened to almost everyone on the planet. Just look around you and you’ll see a bunch of people with bashed in heads and headaches that won’t go away.

Luckily, for those who stop banging on that brick wall long enough to consider their options, there is always a wonderful solution: solve the problem at a higher level.

Albert Einstein was right when he said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

What’s that higher level? Magick is certainly one of the easiest ways to solve your brick wall problem from a higher level.

Using Magick to Break Down Brick Walls
There is a simple three step magickal ritual outlined in the following section that will help you understand the nature of your brick wall, and also help you break through that wall (or at least go around the brick wall, which may be a smarter option!). For this ritual, you will need a cold cup of black coffee, a journal and pen, a hematite or Apache Tear stone, and a pendulum (which can be purchased online or in stores that sell magickal items).

Step #1: Release Your Frustration
Nothing clouds your judgment like frustration. If you have been beating your head against your personal brick wall for a while then chances are good that you feel frustrated every time you think about the brick wall problem. So the first thing to do is to clear yourself on all levels of that frustration. The easiest magickal way to do this is to flow your frustration into a magickal stone. The stones that most easily pull negative energies out of your chakras, energy field, mind, body, and Spirit are hematite and Apache tears (a form of obsidian). You can find both of these easily online or in any good rock shop.

Choose your stone carefully. Pick one that sits easily in your hand and has enough heft to feel significant. At the same time, you want to choose your stone so that it is small and light enough to carry with you in your pocket. Some online stores sell these stones attached to a chain, so you can easily wear it around your neck under your shirt.

Once you have your stone, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Hold the stone in your dominant hand (the hand with which you write or point). Now think about and feel every negative aspect of your “brick wall problem.” As these thoughts and emotions and physical sensations arise in you, flow those into the stone. Since these stones are magnetized to pull energy, you don’t need to think about the process of flowing those energies into the stone. Just allow those negative energies to travel down your arm and into the stone. Keep flowing those energies into the stone without allowing your mind to interfere with stray thoughts. When the stone feels heavy, hot, charged, or otherwise energized, you have flowed enough negative energies into the stone for the moment.

For the next seven days, flow energies into the stone at least once a day. Also flow energies into the stone whenever you feel frustrated. Keeping the stone in your pocket is a good idea so that you can unobtrusively flow energies into the stone simply by sticking your hand in your pocket and holding the stone. With this method you can flow negative energies into the stone anywhere and anytime in public without anyone being the wiser. People who practice this technique become so proficient at it that they can flow negative energies even when conversing with another person. This can be a useful skill when you are talking to a person who is part of your “brick wall syndrome” since that person is likely to be a source of frustration.

Once you have practiced this technique consistently for seven days, move on to the next step. However, keep the stone with you at all times, and continue to flow energy into the stone whenever you experience negative energies. These stones channel the energies into the half worlds so you don’t have to worry about the stone becoming too full of negative energies. Some people like to change to a fresh stone every lunar cycle or so. If you choose to change to a new stone every lunar cycle, bury the old stone in your garden for a full moon cycle. This allows the earth to cleanse the stone so it will be ready to use again after one moon cycle.

Step #2: Discover the Root of the Problem
Now that you have cleared yourself on all levels of negative energy, the next step is to discover the root of the “brick wall” problem. One of the easiest ways to discover the root of any problem is by using the magickal technique of scrying. While there are many complex magickal rituals for scyring, by far the easiest method involves using a cup of cold black coffee. Simply make some coffee (any kind will do — filtered or instant) and wait for the coffee to cool down to room temperature. Put the coffee in any cup or mug that suits.

Once your cup of coffee has cooled down to room temperature, sit in the South facing North with the cup of coffee in front of you. If you are unsure of the cardinal directions, use a compass outside to figure out the directions. Do not use the compass inside as most houses tend to have too many electrical and magnetic energies that can distort a compass reading. Once you are sure of the directions, seat yourself in the South facing North with the cup of coffee in front of you. You may want to set the cup of coffee on a small stool or table to keep the surface calm and quiet. Be sure you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes since scrying requires concentration and a quiet space.

Once you are comfortably settled, gently place both hands around the cup of coffee. Flow some energy from your dominant hand through the cup of coffee into your non-dominant hand. Continue to flow that energy up the arm and shoulder of your non-dominant hand, then across your back, then down the arm of your dominant hand. Keep flowing energies in this circle for a minute or so until the coffee cup feels charged or energized. You are now ready to scry.

Scrying is nothing more than asking the Universe to provide you with the information you seek. Since you are asking for information that pertains to you personally, there is no need to worry that you are invading anyone else’s privacy. Before you begin, you may wish to invite angels, spiritual guides, or other higher beings to help. Or simply ask the Universe to provide answers. Thank all beings or the Universe for the help they are about to provide before you begin scrying.

To obtain information about the root of your problem, calmly and quietly look into the surface of the coffee. Softly unfocus your eyes while still looking into the surface of the coffee. Next become very curious about the roadblock that keeps getting in your way. Allow questions about the brick wall to float softly through your mind as you continue to look into the coffee cup. Ask questions such as:

  • What is at the root of this brick wall?
  • What could help me get over or around this problem?
  • What am I not seeing that is preventing me from moving forward?
  • Is there a reason I should not take this path? Could the brick wall be a sign that another path is better for me?
  • What thoughts or beliefs are keeping me from moving forward?

Use the questions that come naturally. The list of questions above are generic. You may want to use these questions in addition to queries that are specific to your problem. Keep asking these questions softly in your mind, allowing your eyes to remain unfocused and allowing answers to drift into your consciousness.

Be prepared for answers to arrive in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you will see images from your past. Other times you will experience feelings and sensations that call up memories. You may also receive short phrases, images, ideas, physical jolts, or long strings of information. Do not worry about writing these down. This information will remain in your consciousness long after you stop scrying.

Once you have enough information–or the flow of information stops–thank the spirit beings, guides, angels, or the Universe for the information that you have received. Now take the time to jot down all the information you received. Don’t worry if the information doesn’t make sense right now. You will find that the pieces of information you received will form a cohesive picture in the days to come. If the information makes sense to you, move on to the next magickal ritual. If the bits of information are not clear to you, simply read the notes you jotted down each day and ask a higher being to help you clarify the information you received (always thanking them in advance for the help you are about to receive). Keep asking for help and guidance. Within seven days you should have clarity about the root of your problem. Thank the higher beings for their help and move on to the last step.

Step #3: Unwind Your Problem
This last step is one of the most carefree and fun magickal rituals that you can do. You will need a pendulum for this step. You can easily purchase one online or in most stores that sell spiritual or magickal items. Once you have your pendulum, hold it in your dominant hand and flow energy into it. When the pendulum feels charged, then you can use it to perform this last step in your ritual.

Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand and begin spinning it in a counter-clockwise direction. Now invite higher beings to help you unwind the root of your problem. As you spin the pendulum, see it unwinding the root of your problem so that you can move forward on your journey. If the problem is with a co-worker at your job, see the disharmony between you and your co-worker unwind and dissipate. If the root of your problem is an old belief system or habit, see the pendulum unwinding those beliefs and watch those beliefs float away. If the root of your problem is that you are taking the wrong path, which means the brick wall was put up to prevent you from walking this path, see the pendulum unwinding your desire to walk this path. Whatever your problem, the pendulum has the power to unwind it.

Once you have clearly unwound your problem (you will know when the problem is unwound when you see the problem melt or float away), stop swinging the pendulum. Now begin to swing the pendulum in a clockwise direction. Ask higher beings to help you use the force generated by the pendulum to move you forward on your path. This forward progress might take you through or around the brick wall, or it may take you on a completely separate journey. See the force of the pendulum taking you where you want to go. When you feel that the force of the pendulum has moved you from “stuck” to “striding forth,” stop swinging the pendulum.

Wash, Rinse, and Repeat
Feel free to use any or all of the three steps of this magickal ritual anytime you feel that you are running into a brick wall–either the same brick wall or a new one. Just as you may need to use your chosen magickal stone to rid yourself of frustration, you may also need to use scrying and the pendulum to learn more about your path and the blockages that exist. This ritual is a very useful one to have in your magickal toolkit because it can help you learn about, understand, and solve just about any brick wall that appears on your journey through life!

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