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  • Working with Higher Powers and Beings
  • Manifestation
  • Balancing Energies and Dumping Negative Energies
  • Magically Dealing With Pain

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Opening a Magical Door for A Friend
If you have any experience with other people, you know you can’t change someone else or their behavior by talking or brow beating them. When we see someone close to us engaging in behaviors we believe are harmful to them, we often look in our magical toolboxes to see if there is something that can help. Unfortunately, Rules of the Road that govern magical practice prevent us from doing most magical operations on them unless they are causing us harm. In these types of cases the Law of Resonance can give us a way to help without interfering. Here’s how this works:

  • Look back through your memory to find an action or experience that is similar to what the other person is doing or experiencing. The circumstances don’t have to be exact as long as the overall effect is similar.
  • Hold on to that memory in present time for several moments.
  • This opens a doorway for the other person to step through the experience without causing any more harm to themselves or others.

Here’s an example of how this principle works. Say someone is being overly dramatic or overreacting to an incident in which their boss yells at them. Their reaction is that they will resign from their job and no one can reason with them or talk them out of taking this drastic step. You find an experience from your past where you overreacted to a situation. Think about how you felt, the words you said, how others around you tried to reason with you. Hold on to this memory a few moments keeping all this in mind and then let it go. The Law of Resonance dictates that the other person will benefit from your experience and possibly not have to suffer the damaging effects associated with it.

This type of Spirit communication means your friend doesn’t have to listen with their ears to get the message and you magically help them out without breaking the Rules of the Road. It’s a magical win-win!

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