Did you know that every thought, remedy every emotion, every idea that has ever existed still exists today? We are surrounded by streams of thought and emotion – they flow around us all the time. When we think a positive, harmonious thought we are tapping into a stream of thought that matches that tone. When we feel negative emotion, we are tapping into a stream of negative emotion.

What’s important about these streams of thought and emotion is that they magnify and carry original thought or emotion. For instance, have you ever noticed that when you are negative you tend to get more and more negative? That’s because you’ve tapped into a negative stream of emotion and it’s carrying you faster and faster down the stream. The longer you’re negative the harder it is to get into a happier state.

What can you do to avoid negative streams of thought and emotion? You can insulate yourself by controlling your attention. Pay attention to your thoughts. When you feel them start to turn negative, stop! Find another thought or do something that will distract you from that thought. Additionally, you can:

– Use a psychic shield – Sun Shield or Moon Shield – to insulate yourself from other people’s negative energy (especially when it’s directed at you)
– Learn more advanced techniques for self defense in our online course: Magical Self Defense. Get all the details here.