In our posts and newsletters we usually feature magickal tips and techniques that you can use to bring magick into your daily life, allowing the Universe to do more heavy lifting, and leaving you more time for creative visualization. Sometimes, though, it’s good to take a break from all the DIY magick and share some stories about how magick has been and is working in people’s lives on an everyday basis.

House Blessings to Clear Out Junky Energies
This particular story relates an event in which one of our advanced students was invited to do a house blessing for friends who had just bought the house and were about to move into their new space. As is usual in many esoteric and magickal circles, a house blessing is done before moving in. House blessings bring positive and loving energy into the house (and entire property) and also clean out any psychic residues left by previous tenants.

Did you know that when you get into an argument with someone that the energy of that argument lingers in the house, whether you intended to affect the sanctity of the house or not? In fact, there is the saying that “your thought is where you last left it.” Roughly translated, this saying means that if you had a negative conversation with your house mate while you were both in the kitchen, the thought forms associated with that conversation will remain in the kitchen. Left unresolved, each time you enter the kitchen and think about the topic of conversation, the last thought that you had about that topic will surface. You simply pick up where you left off unless you intentionally work to change the way you think or feel about the topic.

Now imagine if over the years multiple families or groups of people lived in the house. Without a house blessing to cleanse the house and property of junky energies, the new owners of property will likely find themselves thinking thoughts, feeling emotions, or taking actions that are highly unusual to their normal persona. This is simply the effect of “tuning in” to the psychic energies left by previous residents of the house. The more sensitive a person is to energetics, the more likely that person will be to pick up these psychic energy forms.

House and property blessings can be done at the same time, using the same magickal tools. With a Firebowl, self-lighting charcoal discs (available in most religious or new age stores), rubbed sage, pine resin, a keyed (or personalized) Chalice, sea salt, and pure spring water, anyone can do a house and property blessing. Doing this type of blessing before the move-in date prevents one from having to climb up on or wiggle around furniture. With this kind of blessing, all the negative energies (or energies opposed to the aims of the new residents) will be safely removed and released back into Universe. The house will be “like new” energetically, and the new residents can the intentionally create the type of psychic energy that matches their aims.

House Blessing Goes Awry
Ready with all the materials and chants for a house and property blessing, our advanced student proceeded to do the blessing, which she had done almost 100 times previously. All went well until she went into the “guest bedroom.” Upon entering that bedroom with the Firebowl, our student noticed that the smoke emanating from the Firebowl was bouncing off the walls instead of clinging to the walls. This usually indicates that some type of powerful psychic energy has soaked into the walls, and repeated cleansing with both Firebowl and Chalice usually takes care of the problem. By running the Firebowl smoke repeatedly over the same area, in most cases that particular area of the room will be cleansed.

But this was not the case in this particular cleansing. After repeatedly using the Firebowl and Chalice, the smoke not only did not soak into the walls, but actually moved away from the wall as if a stiff breeze were blowing (though no windows were open in the room). Upon closer inspection, the student noticed that wall in question had a built-in closet. An investigation of the closet revealed a tiny white marble statue, no more than two inches tall, tucked into the back corner of the closet’s top shelf. Luckily the practitioner quickly identified the statue as the source of the repellent psychic energy. She reached up to grab the statue so she could cleanse it. No sooner had she done so that she felt immediately nauseous. In fact she experienced nausea each of the seven times she attempted to grab the statue.

From House Blessing to House Banishment
Realizing that a simple house blessing was not going to clear the statue or the affected room of negative energies, the practitioner decided to do a banishment instead. Unlike the house blessing, which clears most psychic energy and invites warm, loving energy into the abode, a psychic banishment is reserved for ousting negative beings who have taken up residence in the house, and refuse to leave during a regular house blessing. Note that a house blessing works to clear energy while a banishment can clear a house of an actual entity that has taken up residence.

In this case, the negative being was using the small marble statue as base or “perch.” Most energy beings need some link to the physical world to remain fixed on the earthly plane (they otherwise tend to drift). A banishment calls for a different magickal tool: the Athame, or magickal knife. Being prepared, our student immediately pulled out her Athame, lit a candle to give the banishment a little extra “kick”, and then proceeded to exile the being to the half worlds (a place where all types of energetic beings exist; also a great place to send unwanted beings and an excellent source of beings that can be used for rituals).

Once the final “Go away and stay away!” portion of the chant was completed, along with a powerful bolt of electric blue energy, the being had been exiled to the half worlds. The rest of the house and property blessing proceeded without incident, and the new residents felt only positive energy as they toured their new home and grounds.

Of note is the fact that although the property was attractive and located close to shopping, fine dining, and downtown, the property failed to sell for many months. The previous owner became so desperate that he dropped the price to a ridiculously low figure. Neither the original owner or the real estate agent could understand why many people expressed interest in the property, but disliked it as soon as they set foot inside the house.

Luckily, the new owners had been cultivating a spiritual practice for many years. While they felt the same negative energy as everyone else who toured the property, they also received angelic guidance to purchase the property. Our student was skilled enough to handle both psychic energies and psychic beings, and the new owners were able to purchase a property normally way beyond their price range.

Now that is what we call a happy magickal ending to the house blessing fairy tale! You too can learn all these magickal techniques and lots more with our ebooks, Kindle books, and online courses.

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