These days it seems like the whole of society marches in rhythm with Nike’s oft-repeated slogan, “Just do it!” That phrase has been applied to sports, business, and life. And it’s just as applicable to magic. We’ve gotten a lot of calls and inquiries  from people needing magical help to get unstuck from life situations – everything from Monday morning blues to money crises to angry bosses at work. Our solution? Just do it! (magic, that is).

Magic is a precision science so when we say, “Just do it!” we don’t mean you should just wave your wand at every life situation a la Harry Potter and call it good (since the wand is an air tool you can’t use it for everything, especially not throwing fire bolts – it will burst into flame!). But we do mean that you should do something magical … actually, several somethings.

Here’s what commonly happens to many magical practitioners. You perceive a problem in life and you go looking for a magical solution. You find a magical solution and apply it. It might be a flower essence, a question circle, a spell, a ritual, or a request for help. Then you wait. Maybe something happens or maybe nothing happens. You might be dedicated enough to go to round two, where you apply another magical principle. The situation might shift, but not enough for you to notice or be satisfied, so you call it quits. You end up thinking that magic doesn’t work for you.

So does magic work? Yes. But you may not be able to see the results. Why? Several reasons – see if any of these resonate with your situation:

1. The size of your solution didn’t match the size of the problem.
A hammer works well on a one inch nail, but you need a post driver or sledgehammer to pound a 6 foot pole into the ground. Magic isn’t one size fits all, so if you’ve got a big problem you either need a bigger tool (a more powerful ritual or more powerful higher beings) or you need a whole series of smaller tools in a row (because a small change in the present creates a bigger change in the future, so lots of small changes will eventually create a tidal wave effect).

2. You were not a vibrational match for the solution.
As one of our favorite teachers, Abraham-Hicks often says, “The Universe always delivers.” We, however, sometimes forget to open the door to receive the solution. For instance, if you hate your job and want one that’s more exciting, the Universe will deliver one. To ensure that you recognize that job when it arrives, you might want to take some Wild Oat flower essence while you’re waiting to help you line up with your true life purpose or vocation. “Ask and ye shall receive” isn’t really very accurate. It’s more like “Ask and the Universe will deliver.” It’s your job to make sure you receive.

3. You didn’t wait long enough.
We live in a physical Universe but almost all magic takes place in the energy realms first. The effect of most magical acts won’t be visible until after a certain delay, depending on the size of the change you’re after. Big changes can take weeks and months to manifest while smaller ones might take minutes or hours. Be patient! If you’re not good at waiting you can always ask the Universe for a sign that your desired change is happening.

4. You gave up on action too soon.
Manifestation is sometimes about knocking on a lot of doors, both physically and magically. Knocking on doors will always produce an open door, even if it’s not the one you’re knocking on. So don’t give up on action and acts of power. Knock on a lot of doors and don’t be disappointed if the one you’re knocking on stays firmly locked. Look for the ones that open – they may be behind you. Keep doing small rituals and acts of power that keep you connected to the force and power of magic.

Finally – and this is important – remember that magic has its own power. Magic, like DNA, seeks physical expression in the world. If you want magic in your life then magic wants you in its life. When you do magic, it’s not just your own power at work but the entire force of magic rushing forth to do your bidding. When you take care of your magical practice it will always take care of you!

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