Do you ever have days where you’re so charged up with anger, frustration, pain or plain irritation that you feel like you could shoot a bolt of lightning out your fingertips? Well, before you fry your computer or stereo with all that excess fire energy (because you literally can transmit bolts of fire energy from your hands), slow down and try one of these methods or getting rid of that energy:

– Use Apache Tears: Apache Tears (also known as Grandmother’s tears) are a special form of obsidian composed of feldspar, hornblend, biotite and quartz. In shamanic circles, Apache tears are commonly used to safely transfer negative or unwanted energies into the half worlds. If you have access to an Apache tear, just hold it in your dominant hand and flow all that excess energy into the stone. The stone acts as a portal to the half worlds and none of that energy will come back to you!

– Hug Your Refrigerator: Because refrigerators and other large appliances act as electrical grounds, they can also handle psychic fire energy. If you feel a need to blast out excess energy, just put both hands (or both feet) on your refrigerator and blast away. It can handle all your energies, and then some.

– Specular Hematite: This is another stone that can absorb lots of energy very easily. Just hold the stone in your dominant hand and flow energy into it. Unlike the Apache tear, specular hematite isn’t a portal to the half-worlds, so you’ll have to cleanse it regularly with smudging or other techniques.

– Rooting: Mother Earth can also handle excess fire energy. Just extend your psychic roots deep into the bedrock and exchange energies with the earth. For more details on rooting, send a blank email to

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