by Paxton Robey

Excerpted from “No Time for Karma” (

For many years I worked with hundreds of folks who were both “spiritually aware” and struggling. As an intuitive counselor I would look into their minds and hearts. I would review their incarnational contract with the earth. I invariably discovered a being inside of each person that was far and away more noble, more empowered and more Christ like than they gave themselves credit for being. I discovered that a lofty purpose resided inside of each and every person. Yet when I spoke verbally with these people I heard a myriad of reasons why they could not outpicture the internal vision. The reasons were always worldly reasons, worldly limitations, ideas of limitation received from their background of interaction with authority figures.

The more I probed the inner levels of people and the workings of our earth school, the more apparent it became to me what was required to be a light worker on this planet. Light workers remember that they function within the cosmic laws that govern our reality:

– First, all minds are connected and all true communication is telepathic.
– Second, every individual creates the whole of reality by what they choose to hold as their beliefs.
– And thirdly, God is love and God is all powerful so everything must be okay just the way it is. If we don’t perceive it as okay then it is our perception that needs elevating.

This understanding leads us to be able to specifically define our function and our value to the human race. Having peeked into the minds of hundreds of individuals such as yourself (if you’re typical of the kind of person who would be reading this book), I can absolutely guarantee that you have a higher level of compassion and a far greater understanding of the nature of God than the average person on this earth. You have a desire to be harmless. You have a love of things beautiful and peaceful. Therefore, since your mind is telepathically connected to every being in every kingdom on this planet, each moment that you hold lofty thoughts, or healing thoughts, or happy thoughts, you are raising the consciousness on earth. You ARE healing this planet.

You are not being an escapist when you don’t feel like dealing with the drama of the day and choose instead to go out in nature where you can be surrounded by peace and beauty. You are following the directions of the master teachers who understood and taught the stilling of the mind and the calming of the soul. They knew that no one’s behavior or words could fix a budget deficit or a family feud. They knew that a single person’s mind focused on peace could create an opening in the earthly veil, through which the unseen workers would pour accident, chance and random events to change any situation for the better.

This is the time in which we must choose to walk in peace in every moment, be prosperous in every moment and heal in every moment because that is the only consciousness that we wish to share with the earth.

Light workers do not come to the earth en masse, except when the Aquarian Age is dawning. The function of these light workers is to alter group consciousness by working in harmony with cosmic law, the only truly effective way to create change. So the light worker’s job is revealed as a simple one of choosing to be happy and following their bliss.

Few of us can truly comprehend what life would be like without drama and dilemma. “What do you mean be at peace all of the time? What are you talking about being happy all of the time? Are you telling me that I have a right, that I deserve and can possibly justify spending every moment of every day in total bliss?” You not only have permission, you have an obligation to do whatever you want to do now. If you want to heal the planet, you must do exactly what pleases you and nothing else. You must be exactly who you are and nothing else. Only by following your bliss can you unleash the creativity that you came to earth to share. We must all be the creators and the examples of pure bliss. It is the only way for the planet to become blissful.

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