Do you want to change your world? Transform your life? Wake up a new person tomorrow?

Then don’t do anything drastic. Just make little itty-bitty changes. Tiny ones. Infinitesimal changes that nobody but you will notice.

There’s a law in the Universe that says, “A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future.” It’s part of the law of Divination.

Tiny changes have a wonderfully large impact for two reasons:

1. They change your habitual thought patterns just enough to give you access to a whole new world of ideas and inspiration.

2. They are so small that you don’t run into resistance.

Let’s explore these two ideas more closely. First, why does changing your habitual thought pattern just a little help you? According to metaphysical teacher Abraham-Hicks ( your ability to access certain thoughts and feelings depends on the thoughts and feelings you currently have. The happier you are the more happy thoughts you can access. The more depressed you are, the more you’re likely to get more blue thoughts. By changing where you stand just a degree or two, you access a whole new pool of thoughts and feelings. Any tiny change in habit will automatically shift where you stand, and hence what you think and feel.

Second, why do smaller thoughts face less resistance? Because of the doubt factor. Most of us are very conscious of how we appear to the world, and large changes tend to make us uncomfortable and doubtful. For instance, if you’ve been wearing conservative suits to work everyday and you suddenly start wearing wild on-the-edge punk rocker clothes, you’re likely to run into a lot of resistance, right? But if you just shift your pinkie ring from your left hand to your right hardly anyone will notice. But you will notice. You’ll notice the sensation of the ring on a new finger, and the sound of it tapping against your desk. You’ll notice and that will shift the place you’re standing inside yourself.

So when you really want to transform your life in a big way, go small. In fact, go tiny. Make a tiny change that only you will notice and see what happens. Make another tiny change and see what happens. Keep making tiny changes toward your goal.

For instance, if you want to build wealth and cut spending don’t stop drinking Starbuck’s coffee altogether. Just drink one less cup per week or switch to a less expensive brand. Stash the money you save away somewhere. After a while make another tiny change. When you go to the store, pick out everything you plan to buy then put one thing back. Just one thing. Stash the money you save away somewhere. After a while make another tiny change. You get the picture.

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