Do you want to be a genius at something? Well, it’s not as hard as you think – all you have to do is use this great big magnet you have to call those inspiration, ideas and brilliant breakthroughs into your life. What’s that magnet? It’s called your attention!

You see, magically, attention is the tool we use to attract things to us. You could think of your attention as a great big sheet of sticky flypaper – anything that you focus your attention on will come to you. Another way to think of it is as a tractor beam, like in Star Trek. Magically, if you focus your attention on something – and you’re well grounded – you can call to you literally anything in the Universe.

Now most of us have heard that what we pay attention to manifests, but the key that most of us forget is that we have to be grounded. Magically, when two things are connected by attention (such as you and the thing you’ve focused your attention on), the least grounded one comes undone first and flies toward the other. So, if you want to attract a lot of big things into your life, you’d better stay grounded, otherwise you’ll go flying all over the Universe toward whatever you put your attention on and your life will get turned upside down!

So how can you stay grounded and use your “sticky” attention at the same time to manifest fabulous things in your life? One of the best ways is to have some kind of daily practice that will anchor you. The practice doesn’t have to be difficult, arduous, tedious or boring – it just has to be consistent. For instance, you could light some white sage each morning and meditate with it for 5 minutes (white sage is great for calming, cleansing and meditating). You could also write in a journal each morning or walk around the block (moving your body in the morning also moves your spirit and mind). Whatever you choose, do it consistently – and then dream. Put that sticky attention wherever you want to attract and watch it come flying toward you. Have fun!

Getting Started
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