The Chinese often refer to an ancient proverb that states:
“If you don’t know where you’re going, anywhere will do.”

Most of us have stood at some juncture of our life path and had no idea of where to go, much less how to get there. This lack of knowledge often leads to procrastination. Procrastination often leads to living life in the same old rut, day after day. Another old farm saying is, “A rut is only a few inches away from being six feet under!

Don’t Know Where to Go?
If you are a chronic procrastinator because you don’t know where to go, then stop and consider. Use the well-known exercise of considering what you would do with your life if time and money were no object. Would you take a trip around the world? Leave your current location or relationship? Pursue a childhood dream of being an artist?

Whatever the answer, most people find that when time and money constraints are taken out the equation, their list of items they want to do starts with a trickle and ends up as a giant outpouring of suppressed desire. In fact, many people say that if time and money were no object, they could make a bucket list that would fill an entire notebook.

Once you give some thought about what you want, don’t panic. Maybe the items on your list seem impossible given your current life, finances, time constraints, and relationship. No worries. The good news is that every journey begins with a single step, and that step can be as small as necessary–so small that you can feel comfortable considering this step with everything in your life remaining status quo (or maybe changing just a little bit).

How to Get Where You Want to Go
Let’s say that you have suffered some major life catastrophe, and your life hasn’t been “normal” for a few years. In fact, I will use my own example. I suffered a bad break to my collarbone when the horse I was riding landed on top of me. Orthopedic specialists at the time did not recommend surgery. The result was that the break healed, but the union was what is termed a “malunion.” In other words, the break healed in a V shape with odd bits of bone floating around or sticking out from the break in funny places. It turned out that complications from the break resulted in me being able to do everything at half speed, with half the energy, and less than half the motivation. Looking from the outside, people would have termed me a procrastinator. The real story is that I simply lacked the energy to do more than drag myself through my daily routine.

I finally had the collarbone surgically corrected, and woke up with my arm completely numb and lifeless. Nine months of rehab later, I can finally use the arm, though it is weak. However, I now have enough energy to think about my dreams once more… though not the energy to move forward at full speed.

Like anyone else who already has a “full plate” of life obligations, contemplating the pursuit of a personal dream can seem downright impossible. Luckily, magick can help!

Magick to the Rescue
How can magick help us pursue personal dreams when we barely have enough time to take care of our regular daily routine? Magick can help us by teaching us the value of life experiments.

Consider experiments done in a lab. Many scientists hope for a certain positive result, but have no idea of the real outcome. Every scientist takes some risk in performing each experiment, since funding for experimentation can be scarce. But the scientist accepts every outcome, whether or not the experimental results match her expectations or not. Even a so-called negative outcome can provide the scientist with valuable knowledge.

Living a magickal life is a lot like living life as a scientist. The difference is that you won’t be conducting your experiments in a lab, but you will be experimenting with parts of your life… specifically that personal dream that you want to pursue.

The Magickal Life of the Experiment
If your life is already filled to the brim, with not a moment’s rest to yourself, then the first step you will need to take is to clear up 15 minutes per day dedicated to you and your personal dream. Gaining 15 minutes of free time may mean that you have to get up 15 minutes earlier or stay up 15 minutes later. You could also donate 15 minutes of your lunch break to your dream. Dedicating 15 minutes to pursuing your dream is part of the risk you take as a magickal scientist.

The next step is to take a leap of faith: trust that magick is on your side, and that magick will provide information and clues to the next step in your life experiment should the first step not yield exactly the results you seek. For some, this is a big leap of faith. However, consider this: every experiment will yield data. Raw data from an experiment is neither right nor wrong. It’s just data. The magick lies in how you use the data. So when you consider your lifetime dream as an experiment, you will never be disappointed. Every step of your magickal experiment will give you data that is neither right nor wrong. But every piece of data has value, just as every failed light bulb pushed Edison one step closer to creating a lightbulb that worked.

By “experimenting” with your personal life dream, you get yourself off the hook. There are no wrong answers or results. You will always receive useful data from every step you take. There is no load of expectation to weigh you down. Plus you are only risking 15 minutes per day. That’s hardly anything to get worried about!

Next Up: The Actual Magickal Experiment
This article can give you the motivation to start thinking about all those personal dreams that got pushed aside as your life became busy and filled with obligation. You can also start considering what it would be like to pursue such a dream as an experiment. You can even practice the experimental mode by treating life events as experiments.

For instance, suppose you want to ask your boss for a few days off so you can have a long weekend with your family. Treat the request as an experiment. Your boss will either say yes or no. Both are valid points of data. Before requesting time off, though, consider all the times your boss has agreed to your requests. What is the common denominator? Did you ask him directly after he had a successful meeting? Did you ask him when a large project had just been completed? Figure out, as a scientist would, the different possible scenarios in which your boss was affable and likely to agree to your request.

Then, if you really want to stack the deck in your favor, hire an angel to help. Find instructions on how to hire angels HERE. Angels love being asked to help, and having some angelic backup can only help.

In the next article we will cover the steps that follow the ones outlined in this article. Next steps including making base decisions (the big Yes/No decision of whether to move forward), the control decisions (detailed decisions of HOW to move forward) and of how to treat each step is simply part of an experiment with no right or wrong answers.

For now, get busy dusting off all those childhood dreams. Then figure out how you can find 15 minutes of private time every day to dedicate to your life experiment. Finally, practice an experimental attitude if you wish (as described above with asking your boss for time off). Find small events for practicing your experimental mind set. When the outcome doesn’t matter much, the practice of experimentation is easy and, well, quite magickal! Until the next article which will be posted on our blog, think magickally and enjoy the process! You might want to sign up to have blog articles delivered right to your email inbox to be sure you don’t miss out.

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