At the Esoteric School we get so many questions about how to make spells and various other magickal and shamanic procedures more effective. While there are certainly technical answers to these questions, we most often come back to the core issues of a person’s motivation. What is your motivation for practicing magick or shamanism? Is it to better yourself? To improve your life situation? To get even with someone who has done you harm? To improve your control over yourself and your life?

Whatever your motivation, it’s good to state it clearly to yourself. If you’re looking for a quick fix in your life using magickal or shamanic techniques, chances are that it won’t work. The ways of magick and shamanism are lifelong paths of study and endeavor, not quick fixes. Having said that, let us also say that there are many easy-to-learn techniques that WILL have an immediate, positive impact on your life. It’s just that these techniques won’t solve your problems for very long because the level of your being attracts the level of your life. You might improve your finances with a spell, for instance, but if you don’t change the level of your being or the focus of your attention, that money won’t stick around for very long, and you’ll soon find yourself in the same sticky situation of not having enough money.

If you want to learn techniques to get revenge on someone who has harmed you, you might want to review the Rules of the Road, the universal laws that govern magickal and shamanic practice. You can find them on the Esoteric School website here. They cover the conditions under which it is and isn’t appropriate to use your powers and abilities. You may also want to review the self-defense rule covered in this week’s ezine under the ORACLE section. There are specific rules that govern the use of magick in self-defense.

The best motivation for learning magick and shamanism is to improve the quality and span of your attention and intention. Remember that Crowley said, “Every intentional act is a magickal act!” If you want to learn magick, work on your attention. You’ll find that if you develop your attention so that you can focus it in one place and have it stay there, all the other motivations for magick will be answered. You will develop control and power in your life. You will know when to use your powers and abilities in self-defense. You will know how to defuse situations so you won’t need to defend yourself. You will know how to change the level of your being so you never have to worry about money. You will intuitively understand how to meet the needs of others and get your own needs met. You will understand how to manifest all the things you want in life. You will understand what wants are real and what wants are not. All this and more you will gain if you simply work on developing your attention. All the techniques in magick and shamanism are simply about honing your skills in using your attention.

Begin now by noticing the length and quality of your attention. Attempt to think of nothing but your name for sixty seconds. Time yourself. Look at your watch and think of nothing but your name. If you are careful in your observation of yourself, you will notice that other thoughts inevitably pop up in these sixty seconds. Here’s another one: become aware of your left hand every time you hear a phone ring. How often can you remember to do this exercise? How often can you even remember that you have an exercise? These little experiments will demonstrate your level of attention to yourself. Once you have seen this demonstration you will understand why the development of attention is so important. You must be able to focus on something for a long period of time to manifest it. If you can’t remember your left hand every time the phone rings for 5 days in a row, how can you handle a more complex manifestation?

On the other side of the coin, once you develop that level of attention, anything else becomes imminently possible and very doable. Try these little exercises and see what they can show you. If you want to work in a more structured format, join one of our courses. You can check them out here

Good luck!