Based on the information about magical tools recently presented in this ezine, we have received many questions about the difference between the Wand, Ankh, Shepherd’s Crook and the Blasting Rod. Here’s a quick run-down of the different uses of these four magical tools:

WAND: Of the four tools, only the Wand is an Air tool. The Wand is a beginner tool to teach direct energy flow, basic healing techniques and psychic communication. It is also a powerful tool for balancing physical energies. Energies are pulled into the base or butt of the Wand and flowed out the pointed tip. The Wand is made of wood and cannot handle elements other than Air.

ANKH: The Ankh is a Fire tool, handling specifically the electric blue fire of galactic energy. Shaped like a cross with a loop at the top, Ankhs pull energy in through the two horizontal cross members, whip the energy around the loop and blast it out the vertical end. Ankhs are used to increase or adjust galactic energies on the Earth and generally used to assist with global changes (such as kicking the Grays off the planet). Ankhs are generally made of ironwood.

SHEPHERD’S CROOK: Similar to the Ankh, the Shepherd’s Crook is a staff with a deep curve or loop at the top, in the shape of a question mark. Energies are whipped around the crook the same way they are whipped around the Ankh’s loop, but the Crook handles earth-based energies rather than galactic fire. It’s a powerful tool for handling physical level energies, and is a four element tool. The Crook is the lower octave of the Ankh, and is also made of ironwood.

BLASTING ROD: Made of ironwood, the Blasting Rod is also a four element tool. It looks like a Wand except that it is usually longer and has a larger head. They higher octave of the Wand, the Blasting Rod packs a much bigger punch. Note that they are different from Quartz Rods (which the Magi in the Tarot holds over his head). Quartz Rods are made of quartz and are infinite energy tools. Many people confuse Blasting Rods with Quartz Rods, which is why many Blasting Rods now have quartz crystals on the end. Quartz Rods are very powerful, but also very difficult to keep clean.

Hope these quick definitions help! So much of esoteric knowledge is hidden in smoke and mirrors that sometimes a little definition can be useful.