voodoo girl

Voodoo is a very powerful branch of magic first practiced in Africa. Voodoo can be used for protection, self-defense, healing, attracting situations to you, and much more. In our school we refer to voodoo magic as simulacra magic, but the West African religion of voodoo is also known by names such as Vodun, Vodoun, Vodou, Vudu, and Voudou. This religion includes other aspects besides the magic rituals and spells. It also includes dancing, singing, drumming, circle rituals and ancestor worship. When most people hear the word voodoo, they think of the voodoo doll and that is a large part of voodoo magic. The voodoo doll is simply a simulacrum and there are many other objects that can also be simulacra.

A simulacrum is an object that is used to represent something or someone else. The voodoo doll, photographs, pictures, figurines, lists, symbols, or Tarot cards can all be used as simulacra. By taking an ordinary object and “keying” it to the person or thing you want it to represent, you capture the essence of what or who you want to affect and create a powerful magic simulacrum by making a psychic connection between the person or situation and the object. Using simulacra magic, you can affect a person or situation without being physically present. To make the connection or do what is called “keying” the object, you simply hold it in your dominant hand, think of all you know about the person and flow that energy into the object. Once the object feels warm or tingly, you know it is keyed and is ready to use in magical operations. Be aware that when using this type of magic you must take precautions with the simulacrum once it is keyed, especially if it is keyed to a living being. Since the connection has been made between the two, whatever is done to the simulacrum also happens to the person it is keyed to. This is a very useful magic technique for something like doing healing work on someone who lives far away, but it would be very detrimental to the person if the simulacrum fell into a body of water or was left in a place that your cat could bat it around the room. So once you key your simulacrum, either un-key it from the person or put it in a protected place when you are not working with it.

If you already have a magic practice, you can probably see how using simulacra or this type of voodoo magic can really enhance your practice. If you don’t have a practice, our How to Do Voodoo ebook can help get you started. In this book, you’ll learn tools to use and techniques to use, as well as how to use simulacra magic to begin your journey into the world of voodoo.  


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