Once you’ve narrowed down your New Year’s Resolutions to no more than two (according to the guidance in last week’s tip), the next thing you want to do is keep your resolve strong and flowing. To keep yourself from getting distracted by other momentary desires, make a top ten list every day (this idea isn’t new and it’s currently being used in the popular Smoke Away program).

Write on this list every benefit you’ll derive from keeping your resolution. For instance, if you decide to lose 20 pounds this year through a healthy diet and exercise plan, your list might look like this:

1. Can wear bathing suit again.
2. Feel good about myself.
3. Know I CAN achieve a New Year’s resolution.
4. Increase self-esteem.
5. Attract a soul mate.
6. Don’t get out of breath walking.
7. I won’t be overweight for the rest of my life.
8. Not embarrassed to go out in public.
9. I’ll like myself again.
10. Do what I’ve promised to do for years.

Make a fresh list every day. The items don’t have to be completely different from list to list, but try to keep them fresh and interesting. These lists help you keep your attention focused on what you want and away from what you don’t want, so make them lively and attractive.

You’ll be surprised at how much these lists give your resolve a boost. They actually change your vibration, and shift you into the energy of appreciation and welcoming joy. That energy shift help you be successful more than any amount of willpower. Enjoy the creativity and flow that comes from these lists!