One of the things that makes magicians and shamans so, well, magical, is that they are always stretching, reaching and striving. Are they learning to do yoga and stretching their bodies? Possibly, but more importantly, they are stretching the boundaries and horizons of their lives. The empowered human is empowered because she has expanded her horizons further than the people around her. She then is able to work what ordinary folk call “magic” or miracles.

So how can we stretch our horizons to become more empowered and more magical? By doing things that we otherwise don’t need to do for survival and things that we normally would not choose to do for entertainment. We earn a living, buy groceries and tend to our chores for a living. We watch movies, play sports or socialize for fun. What magicians and shamans do, though, is take on added exercises above and beyond these normal activities of life. These exercises are inconvenient and not a normal part of life.

It’s not difficult to stretch your horizons. You just have to do things differently than you normally would in life. Here’s a simple way to start. Use a different hand for as many life activities as possible. If you normally write with your right hand, practice writing with your left (and write with your left hand as often as possible). If you normally open doors with your left hand, open them with your right hand for a while. The same goes for brushing your teeth, eating your breakfast and putting on your shoes. Work with your least used hand – begin to use it as much as possible.

The longer and more consistently you can practice an exercise like this, the more your horizons will expand. Why does this work? Because when we strive on purpose in life, we gather within us “force,” which magicians and shamans use for their own purposes. This force allows us to see, perceive and recall much more accurately and deeply than we ordinarily would. It also empowers us to communicate with greater ease, see the opportunities in our environment more clearly and much more. In other words, stretching our horizons stretches, in turn, every one of our senses and spirit abilities. Even the smallest exercise of this nature, done over a certain period of time, can vastly change our lives for the better.

So if you’re ready to “Open Sesame!” the doors of prosperity, happiness, understanding, harmony and joy, start doing the inconvenient thing and stretch, stretch, stretch! This will aid you perhaps more than any other magical technique out there because techniques can only help you to the point of your boundaries. Have fun with this and always keep a light touch!

A Great Way to Stretch
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