Have you ever tried to hold onto a wonderful spiritual moment, trying to preserve the fabulous feelings and thoughts of the moment forever? If you have, you’ve probably discovered that it’s nearly impossible. Those moments bless us with their presence, and then slip through our grasp.

If you’re frustrated by the loss of those moments, especially since ordinary life can seem so dull compared to the brilliance of those moments, relax. You never lose those moments. They are a part of your spiritual knowledge that flows within you like a deep river. They are a part of you.

One of our teachers used to advise us against holding those special moments apart in our lives. He told us not to put them in golden frames in our minds, but to enjoy them when they happened and then let them go. When we can open ourselves to see the gifts of every moment in every day, then we can truly grow.

So what happens to those wonderful spiritual encounters when they disappear from our conscious mind? They move into the less conscious part of yourself and begin to transform you.

Have you ever had the experience of waking up one day to find yourself different? Perhaps some of your old habits have vanished or you’re happier and less angry than you used to be. Perhaps you can’t quite define when the transformation happened, you just know that it has. That transformation is the gift of those spiritual experiences stored deep inside you. Those experiences help you maintain connection with “all that is,” including higher spiritual forces that move you along your spiritual path.

The next time you feel a spiritual experience slip from your grasp, instead of feeling loss, be delighted! Know that it has moved into a place where it can help with your transformation into a happier, more joyous being!