We get a lot of email questions about how to bend, stretch or compress time. Most people want to know how to stretch time so that there’s more of it and they can get more done. There are a lot of magical ways to play with time (since there is no actual “objective time” that we can easily perceive), and one of the easiest ways is by using anticipation.

So how do you stretch time with anticipation? Here’s a little law that will help you:

1) When you achieve your desires quickly or strive actively or impatiently to bring your desires to you “now, ” you shorten or compress time.

2) When you anticipate your desires with patience and enjoyment in the present moment (without hurrying to bring the actual object of your desire into present time), you stretch time.

How does this all work? Simple. Universal law states that when you want something, you set up an attractive force between yourself and what you want. The more intensely you desire something – or the more impatient you are to have your desire come true – the faster you will bring it to you. Consider that you are standing in your present moment and the thing you desire is located somewhere in your future. When you bring yourself and the object of your desire together quickly, you compress the time between your present moment and the future moment where the object exists. When you compress time, you actually shorten or bend the amount of time in your life. In essence, you make a “wrinkle in time” as Madeline L’Engle was so fond of saying.

On the other hand, when you stand firmly in your present moment and enjoy the experience of the object of your desire without actually being impatient about it, you stretch out the time between your present moment and the future moment where the object exists. You are still calling that object to you, but by staying in the present, you are expanding your perception of now. Your present moment includes both what is actually happening in the moment plus your enjoyment of a future moment. By packing more perceptions and enjoyment into the present moment, you get more “time” out of the present moment than you otherwise would. If you run this process moment by moment, you’ll really stretch time.

So when you want to stretch the amount of time in your life, anticipate your future desires with great enjoyment but also great patience. Enjoy both present and future experiences simultaneously. For instance, if you have a vacation planned sometime in the future (even if you don’t know when, yet), spend lots of time daydreaming about your vacation, having as much fun in your daydreams as you will on the actual vacation. Never get impatient about the future if you want to stretch time.

If you want to speed into the future and get there faster (bend time), focus all your attention on the future moment and as little attention as possible on the present moment. For instance, with that same vacation, hold it in mind and pull it toward you. Feel it speeding toward you and you speeding toward it. Feel the “achievement” of that dream vacation. Focus on a speedy manifestation.

In sum, the achievement of desires compresses time while patient anticipation of them expands time. Got it? Good. Have fun playing with time!