Did you know that knowledge is actually a material substance? Contrary to popular opinion, knowledge is not a concept or idea but actually a thing. At any given time on this planet there is a limited amount of knowledge, and the more knowledge you have the more useful it becomes.

The accumulation of knowledge allows people (that’s you!) to live in the miraculous. For instance, yogis, monks, fakirs, and certain teachers and ascended beings have spent decades carefully accumulating their store of knowledge. This knowledge gives them penetrating insight into the drivers in this world, as well as the ability to perform apparently miraculous deeds such as walking through walls.

So how can you get your share of knowledge? It’s not as hard as you think. Here’s the catch: most people don’t want their share of knowledge! Most people are so engrossed in the daily dramas of life that they aren’t even aware of the knowledge that’s available to them. In fact, G. I. Gurdjieff, a teacher and metaphysicians, taught that during times of mass madness such as war, tremendous amounts of knowledge are released. He said:

“The majority of people don’t want any knowledge whatever,,, this is particularly evident during times of mass madness… when men suddenly seem to lose even the small amount of common sense they had and turn into complete automatons… even losing the instinct of self-preservation.” (from “In Search of the Miraculous,” P. D. Ouspensky)

Doesn’t that quote resemble our current planetary situation? During these times it is the work of esoteric and mystery schools to carefully collect the knowledge that is released and making it available to those who desire it.

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