Why Less is More and More is Less… and How to Be More Satisfied

We live in a society that pushes us for more and more. We should work harder and longer, accumulate more stuff, have more and better experiences. We are taught to strive for more all the time.

Then, after we’ve pushed ourselves for more for a certain time, we reach burnout. That’s when we start looking for less. We feel the urge to live more simply, work smarter not harder, and live by the adage “less is more.” We exclude things from our daily activities rather than filling our lives to overload.

After we’ve slimmed down, cut out, and thrown away everything that we can in our lives (if indeed we can even get there—many can’t), we find our lives empty. So we send the pendulum swinging the other way again and start bringing more into our lives.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve probably seen the pendulum swing back and forth a few times. You go from overflowing to empty with only momentary satisfaction in between. So what does it all mean?

It means that we live in a world of duality and contradiction. When we want more in our lives, we need to do and push less. When we want less in our lives, we need to be able to embrace and allow more. Less is about inclusion not exclusion. More is about narrowing the focus, not including more and more in our field of experience. When we can see less and more in these ways, we have satisfaction regardless of how much is actually in our lives.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

How to Be a Real Control Freak

Do you find that the old “willpower” approach works less than it used to? Willpower never did work well for achieving results, but as we move from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age (a shift that is going to take a couple hundred years), willpower is going become even less effective.

The Piscean Age, which we are now leaving, is the darkest and most unenlightened of all the ages in Earth’s 26,000 year cycle. This age is about “making things happen” with sheer brute force and willpower, and controlling everything around us.

The Aquarian Age, on the other hand, is the most enlightened age in the cycle. This age is about manifesting what we desire by controlling what’s inside us instead of the environment around us. In this age, we learn to align our thoughts and feelings with what we want to manifest them in our reality.

You can still use the brute force method in the Aquarian Age, but that approach will become less and less effective. Whenever you find yourself trying to control what’s “out there” rather than what’s inside of you, you’re pushing yourself out of sync with the current age. You can still be a control freak in the Aquarian Age by focusing on controlling what’s inside you rather the things around you. You’ll be much more successful (and happier, too!).

Fascinating, isn’t it?
Why Your Dog is More Spiritual Than You

We humans try so hard to achieve what our dogs already have all the time: spirituality. Did you know that your dog (or any other animal) is actually more spiritual than you?

Animals are more spiritual because they spend less time thinking and more time in physical sensation than we do. Activities of the mind such as thoughts and opinions take us away from our Spirits while physical sensations are doorways to Spirit.

Many esoteric traditions teach the practice moving sensation around the body to enhance spiritual awareness. When we are in touch with the physical, we are less able to think. In this quieter state, Spirit can move through and guide us.

Now think about your dog. Doesn’t he enjoy running, rolling in the grass, sniffing the ground, and barking? All of these are physical activities that engage the body and Spirit, but not the mind.

Conclusion? If you were to run around, roll in the grass, sniff the ground, and bark like a dog you would be on a path the spiritual awareness.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Would the Real You Please Stand Up

If you are not you but actually the Tribe of You, then who are you really? Is there a real you?

Well, according to scientific research, on the physical level your body replaces most cells roughly once a year. You get a fresh set of cells annually. If the original cells you were born with are long gone, what makes you uniquely you?

Here’s another thought to chew on: a high percentage of what’s in our cells is made up of bacteria that are living in symbiotic relationship with our bodies. So not only have we long ago lost the cells we were born with, we’re also mostly bacteria (not even human)!

If your body is not you, and your thoughts and actions are not you…you might begin to wonder who you are and where you actually exist. If you want to find out more keep doing the “This is not I” exercise.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Live Longer by Standing Somewhere Else for a While

We humans are truly creative and expansive creatures who love change and new experiences. If you’ve been standing in the same place for a while, chances are that you are shortening your life.

No kidding. From a metaphysical point of view, we are alive only as long as we have desire energy moving through us. We are desire-oriented beings who are here to explore the process of creation in physical reality.

When we get stale and stop desiring, we stop living. When we stop living, we start dying. If you want to “live long and prosper,” then you might want to stand in different mental and emotional positions every now and then.

Here’s a quick way to shift where you stand: Ask yourself how you measure each day. Do you measure how much you get done? How fast you get things done? How much hassle you can avoid?

Now shift the way you measure your day. Measure it by how much you enjoyed using your body for physical activity. How many times you smiled. How much you stretched any part of yourself. How you made someone’s day. How much you sighed with pleasure.

You’ll see the world in a whole different light and prolong your life in a pleasurable way.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

You’re Not Just a Person, You’re a Planet

Did you know that you are a walking planet? That’s right, your body is the host planet to your cells, mitochondria, molecules and atoms. The structure of the universe is repeated and replicated both up and down the scale. Just as we are tiny beings walking around on this huge planet called Earth, so there are tiny beings moving on and in and through the planet of you. You are both a walking planet and the deity or god responsible for that planet.

If you want to understand more about how phenomena like global warming and lack of water occur on Earth, all you have to do is check out your own body. What happens to your cells when you feel thirsty but forget to drink water? They suffer from lack of water. What happens when you eat three chili cheese dogs with fries and a coke? Your cells suffer from toxic pollution and global warming. Hmmm…

If you ever wonder whether “God” or “Great Spirit” is actually out there and can really hear your cries for help, consider your own role as a deity for your body’s cells and other beings. When your cells cry out for water, do you hear them? How long does it take you to act? Do you do things you know are bad for your body? How does this affect the beings for whom you are a god?

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Healing Physical Pain with Acknowledgement

Did you know that many physical ailments occur in areas of the body that have been disclaimed, ignored or denied? Many areas of pain or tension in the body are also, conversely, numb. One of the ways our bodies deal with pain is to ignore or numb out the area in pain.

If you have areas of recurring pain or tension in your body, one way to heal them is by acknowledging them. Even the simple act of putting your hands on the area of pain and acknowledging its presence can be an effective healing tool.

Daryl Kollman, an inspirational leader, once said, “The greatest human need is for acknowledgement.” He was right. Acknowledging areas of our bodies that have long been ignored out of shame, fear, guilt, or pain is one of the quickest ways to healing.

When you find yourself in pain, rather than retreating from it, put your attention on it. Lay your hands on the area and flow loving energy into it. Acknowledge the area. Recognize it. You will find over time that your acknowledgement will redefine the area and lessen chronic pain. All your body is asking for is acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is healing.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Why Hate Attracts (and What To Do About It)

Did you know that the more you hate something the more you bring it into your life? The Law of Attraction, one of the universal operating laws, states that you attract into your life anything that you give your attention to.

You can give your attention to something through love, interest, hate, dislike, denial, fear, compassion, or criticism. There are a myriad of ways to direct your attention. So when you want something out of your life, don’t hate it.

The best way to move something out of your life is to practice detachment by observing your reaction to it. For instance, if you really dislike someone, observe your negative thoughts and feelings about that person, much as a scientist might observe the behavior of a lab rat. Say to yourself, “Hmmm, isn’t that interesting? This person is experiencing hate. This is what hate feels like.” The more you can observe yourself, the less you’ll feel attached to those negative emotions and feelings.

Trying to deny or suppress your negative thoughts and feelings will only make it worse. Becoming a spiritual scientist and learning to observe yourself will not only get you what you want, but will prove an interesting journey as well.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Everything in Your Outer Life Happens Inside First

Did you know that everything physical in your life is just a reflection of everything going on inside of you? Your physical life is an “ex-pression” or “pressing outward” of your inner landscape. Some people call this process “out-picturing.” It’s the process of taking your inner thoughts and feelings and making them real.

If you’re avoiding someone and hoping with all your heart that you don’t run into that person, guess what? Chances are that you will see that person. Why? Because it’s an expression of the film that you’ve been playing over and over in your mind.

So if you have a recurring problem on the physical plane, don’t try to fix it with a physical solution. You won’t get anywhere fast and it is hard work! Work on your inner landscape instead. Take a look inside. What are your thoughts? What are your feelings? What are you chewing on inside? What are you obsessing about?

When you catch yourself obsessing about something, just smile and say to yourself, “You’re doing that thing you do again!” Keep catching yourself at your own game. Once you get through the initial anger and frustration, you’ll find yourself amused at how often your mind returns to the same subject. Then the feeling goes from obsession to humor. Once you can see the humor in the situation, you’re outer situation will change.

When you can laugh at yourself, everything in your outer environment automatically fixes itself. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Fascinating, isn’t it?