As teachers of esoteric material on magick and shamanism, we get a lot of questions about whether we can teach people to levitate, move objects without touching them or light candles without using matches. The answer to all of these questions is that we can teach people the fundamental knowledge and techniques that will allow them, with practice, to do all of these things. The next question we get is, “When will I be able to do all of that?” The answer to that questions is, “You can do it when you can.”

Unlike most subjects of study, magick and shamanism seem to operate on their own timetables. There is no reliable, linear scale that dictates when we will be able to accomplish certain tasks such as traveling out-of-body, splitting candle flames with energy or communicating psychically. The forces and influences that govern these abilities in us are far beyond the scope of our normal perception or measurement. It happens when it happens, and has much to do with our personal life purpose, as well as our levels of resistance.

So in the meantime, until you can levitate, the key to obtaining those abilities seems to be effort. Our most successful students are incredible at putting forth consistent effort to learn and practice the techniques and knowledge we offer. Time and time again, we see these students making effort daily, with apparently little or no result. Then one day, suddenly, they can do with ease what they’ve been struggling to do for days or months! The ability appears suddenly, almost fully formed, and none of us could have predicted the timing. But with students that don’t put forth consistent effort, we rarely see this phenomenon – most give up too soon.

If you want to learn something very magickal, go ahead and put in the effort even if you don’t see any results. The laws of magick are consistent and they will reward your effort without fail. May you enjoy your efforts well!