bigstock-The-Magic-Numbers-31483658-EDIT200Whatever your chronological age might be in 2016, this year is a wonderful year to be celebrated. Why? Because the year 2016 is a “9” year from a numerology perspective. In numerology, you add the value of each digit of the year arrive at the numerological number for the year. For example, with the year 2016, it would look like the following equation:

2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9

So 2016 is a “9” year, just as 2015 was an “8” year. In numerology and other magickal arts that depend on numerology (such as astrology, spell-casting, Tarot readings, and more), each number has a very significant meaning. In addition, in most magickal practices and techniques the numbers are grouped into sets of three:

1 (or 10), 2, and 3
4, 5, and 6
7, 8, and 9
10 (also 1 as 1+0=1)

In the above triad, “1” and “10” have different meanings though in numerology both are “1”. The “1” stands for the dream or wish or origin of the idea. The number “10” represents the fullest expression of the principle on the Earth plane. For instance, in Tarot, the 10 Discs is the “Having it All” card.

Each triad represents an increasing development of the item in question, with each number having the following significances:

  • First number: represents the starting point or conception of something you want to manifest
  • Second number: stands for choices, the need to overcome resistance, or encountering obstacles
  • Third Number: Defined path or foundation, reward, or completion

If you consider that 2016 is a “9” year, then the outlook is pretty sunny. The number “9” is all about completion. If you have had projects that never seem to reach completion, 2016 is the year to push forward and complete the project. In this “9” year you may also want to:

    • Get clear on your goals and principles and ethics. In a “9” year, if you can draw on all your sources of knowledge, then all of your knowledge will form a strong foundation, especially if that knowledge is based on past experience (in this lifetime or others). Once you have a cohesive grasp on your knowledge, prepare to defend those ideas. Don’t be swayed by the latest fad, but simply hold firm to your ideas and make then work for you.


    • Deal with your dark side. Everyone has a dark side of hidden memories, grief, sorrow, fear, guilt, shame, blame–just to name a few. This year is the time to bring those dark issues to the surface, shed light on them, and then take whatever steps are necessary to work through them. Addressing those problems is more easily accomplished in a ‘9″ year than in any other year.


    • As you get a handle on the hidden darker issues, you will find that your emotions will also clear up. Take the time to sort through the way you feel about certain topics that keep occurring in your life. These might include love, money, health, accidents, career, or aimlessness. Get your emotional ducks in order, and you find that your emotions form a protective shield around your life rather than making you feel vulnerable. Put your energies in trust, faith, hope, and belief in higher forces. Expect a group of people to show up in your life who will form a strong emotional safety net for you.


    • If anything in your life makes you feel that “you don’t fit in your world,” 2016 is also the time to look at these issues. In this “9” you can more easily find strength to deal with all that occurs in your life. You can find people with whom you can just be yourself. You can also easily improve your physical living situation and financial situation. Be strong in what you believe, attract a network of supportive people to you, and learn to adapt so that you can fit into any situation. This year is a year of inner strength–a kind of strength that can take you just about anywhere you want to go.


    Wow, does 2016 sound awesome and magickal or what? Yes, there is some spiritual work to be done if you want to maximize what this year has to offer and utilizing the free resources, online courses, and ebooks or Kindle books on our website is a good place to start. At the same time, the rewards far outweigh the amount of work you must do. Enjoy, live, laugh, and wallow in the magick!

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