Do you live next to a nosy neighbor who just can’t seem to leave you alone? Or do you work for a boss who is constantly invading your space? Are you going to have to move or get a new job just to have some peace and quiet?

Absolutely not! All you need to do is change the way you talk – literally. Magically, there are 8 voices of command that empower you to take charge of any situation. If a nosy neighbor won’t leave you alone, all you have to do is use the irritation or fear voice when talking to them. These voices produce so much tension and excess energy in the nervous system that your neighbor will immediately find some excuse to leave. They will find that they just can’t stand being around you!

The voices of command are just a few of the self defense techniques that you can use to gain control of any ordinary situation. Use other self defense techniques to collect on old debts, command complete attention during a presentation and become friends with the in-laws. Fascinating stuff! Get the Magical Self Defense Homestudy Course here.