Feng Shui expert Arlyn MacDonald gives us some great Feng Shui tips for our front doors. According to Arlyn, Feng Shui is “the ancient Chinese art and science of balance and harmony. Balance and harmony are qualities of the Unihipili or subconscious self. The study and practice of Feng Shui allow the talents of the subconscious self to more fully develop.”

Ready to go to work and get your front door in balance and harmony? Here’s what Arlyn suggest:

Your front door invites the chi (good mana) into your home. Step outside and look at the entrance to your home.

1. Is it inviting to you? Would you feel welcome at this house?
2. Is it cluttered? Do you have to step over things to get into the house?
3. Do the bushes need trimming around the door? Is there a clean and clear pathway to the front door?
4. Do you have red flower pots on each side of your front door? Red is a good luck color that invites the chi in.
5. Is your door and entrance way in good repair? Paint your front door red for good fortune for your family. If red does not go with your decor, use red paint for the base coat and then paint it another color. Feng Shui symbols do not have to show to work.
6. Does the pathway to your door curve around your yard towards your door? Chi should flow gently into your entrance. If you have angular walkways leading up to your house, soften them with potted plants or curved garden spaces.

Arylyn MacDonald