We get bombarded everyday with emails from people who have a deep desire to learn magic or shamanism that either can’t afford the course fees or have life situations that prevent them from participating.

Are you one of those people? If so, what can you do? Cut and fit! Be resourcesful! Effective magicians and shamans love to cut and fit – they love to pull resources, ideas and solutions from anywhere and everywhere. They know that whenever the Universe presents them with a “problem” that there always, always is a solution (usually more than one solution).

How can shamans and magicians create what ordinary people call miracles? Because they believe in the impossible. Whenever they are presented with a problem or enigma, they immediately begin searching for the solution. They borrow solutions from history, other people, books, magazines, the Internet, powers and beings, angels, past lives and much more. In other words, they are resourceful and they love a good challenge.

If you want to learn magic but don’t have the resources or life situation to do so here’s how you can start to cut-and-fit:

1. HANG ON TO YOUR DESIRE. Desire attracts. Wish deeply for what you want and the Universe will always, always deliver.

2. GET EVERYDAY MAGIC: For only $19.95 through the end of March you can get 52 real magical techniques to help you get started on your magical path. If you have email and a $20 bill you can get started. Click here to check out the Everyday Magic Course.

3. WHAT CAN YOU OFFER? If nothing else dig down deep and discover what you might have to offer us or another teacher. Then screw your courage to the sticking place and email us a proposed trade. We might not say yes but it’s worth a try. Remember that any form of asking opens a door – it just might not be the one you’re knocking on.