As we explore the worlds of magic and shamanism, most of us continue to look for ways to break through our limitations. We want to be more creative, more powerful and more inspired today than we were yesterday. One good way to break through many limitations is to expand your vision.

It is often said that imagination is the doorway to creation or manifestation. Imagination is a form of inner vision, and we can’t create anything that we can’t envision. So, if you are feeling stuck or limited in your life, check out your vision. How well are you seeing – literally?

When you’re walking, where do you look? Are you looking at the ground, ahead of you or at the sky? When you are driving, do you look straight ahead or do your eyes move around? How well do you see peripherally? How much of the vast panorama out there are you actually taking in? Do you actually see what passes before your eyes or are you always thinking of other things?

Our eyes are linked to our inner vision by the law of “as above, so below.” How well we see with our eyes defines how well we see with our inner vision. If you find yourself staring at the ground all the time or looking only straight ahead, you may find yourself walking a narrow and constricting path in life. The good news is that you can easily change that situation by just changing the way you look at the world. As you walk, take time to look as far as you can into the distant horizon. Turn your head and move your eyes to look around you. Look up from time to time – it will remind you that you live in a limitless Universe where anything and everything is possible.

Being stuck in a rut is just the result of having stared at the same place for too long. Lift your eyes and you will lift your heart. Look far and you will go far. Take in a wide expanse of vision and you will be flooded with a deluge of possibilities. The Universe can’t deliver more than we are capable of accepting. As soon as we expand our channel, the Universe will expand it’s offerings to us. The keys to the Universe often lie in simple acts – shift your gaze to change your life. Good luck!