Those of you who read this ezine on a weekly basis might find some of our stances on magic and shamanism a little tiresome. After all, we sometimes spend weeks talking about “the path” – what’s on the path, how you walk the path, the benefits of the journey and so forth. Are you wondering when you get to wave that magic wand in your life to take care of all those challenges (aka problems) in your life?

OK, for those of you out there looking for the magic wand, silver bullet and fairy dust, here you go. Magic does work like, well, magic. It is a shortcut in life and you can change apparently impossible situations with a lot less sweat, blood and tears. So how does it work?

Magic works because it follows the operating laws of the Universe. Things always work better when you follow the rules – especially rules that are really hard to bend or break. For instance, consider the law of gravity on this planet. Can you buck that law? Maybe, if you dedicate yourself to studying martial arts for several hundred lifetimes. But what would be the point? The law of gravity has supremacy on this planet – wouldn’t it be easier to just learn to make gravity work for you than try to change the law?

Magic works the same way. Here’s how: everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of the four elements air, fire, water and earth. If you want to create anything in this Universe, you have to know the right mix of elemental ingredients. How much air, fire, water and earth need to be mixed in? In what order does it need to be mixed? On a more practical level that translates into what kind of thoughts (air), actions (fire), emotions (water) and resources (earth) need to go into the mix? It’s a lot like baking a cake – you have to have a good recipe, then you have to follow directions.

The study of magic is all about learning the ingredients that make up everything in this Universe. For instance, if you often get angry and you would rather be happy, using therapy might help, but it might also take a very long time. It might be easier to understand that anger is the element fire in the color red-orange. Simply decrease your balance of red-orange on a regular basis and not only will you not get angry all the time but you won’t BE ABLE to get angry. That’s what I call a shortcut!

Continuing our analogy of baking a cake, the Universe is like a giant kitchen and you’re the cook. The kitchen has all the ingredients and recipe books – all you have to do is know where to find the recipe book and how to follow directions. You have to learn certain techniques for producing excellent results. There are certain guidelines for how to mix the different elements and how they react to each other. It’s much the same as learning the difference between broiling and baking.

Isn’t it much easier to take a little time to learn how this Universe works through magic? You might not solve all your life problems in a week or two, but you will be able to start addressing them in just a day or two. Compared to winning the lottery tomorrow magic isn’t a quick fix. But when you compare a few months of study against, say, 10 or 20 lifetimes of struggle and repetition, magic becomes an incredible shortcut!

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