We receive many emails from people asking us about how to work with the weather. With the world’s weather changing so much recently, with some places experiencing severe drought while other places are flooded, it’s a good question to consider. While there are many, many traditions out there that teach weather working, we believe that there are some fundamentals that apply no matter which tradition you use.

1) Talk to the Right Beings: Certain powers and beings within the hierarchy control different aspects of weather, such as winds, storms, rainfall, pressure systems and so forth. If you want to work with weather, it’s important to talk to the appropriate beings. After all, if you wanted a tire changed you wouldn’t call the president of General Motors, would you? We often work with the Winds of each direction, Old Ones, storm spirits, sylphs and Grandmother.

2) Ask Rather than Seeking to Control: When you work with weather, ask for help rather than seeking to control the elements. We exist on a much smaller scale than the weather systems of the world. Seeking to control weather systems can produce disastrous consequences. Instead, ask for help obtaining the result you want (for instance, a full aquifer) rather than just ordering a rain storm to appear – now. The beings in charge will arrange the safest and most convenient way to fulfill your request.

3) Focus on What You Want: When people are in a drought situation, it’s natural to talk incessantly about the lack of water and all the damage that causes. To work with weather though, you have to focus on what you want, not how bad the current situation is. Talk and think only about what you want. Feel what it would feel like to have what you want. If you want rain, feel the rain on your face, smell the rain, see the aquifer filled to the brim and enjoy the appreciation of all the animal and plant beings for the rain. Remember that one intentional creator can override a million unfocused people. Get focused!

4) Outer Weather Reflects Inner Conditions: Weather systems are often reflections on how people feel inside. If a community is having trouble, turmoil and fights, storm spirits are often attracted by that energy. If a community lacks sympathy or compassion, there is often a lack of rain (water is emotional or spiritual energy). If a community is sowing seeds if ill-will, the weather will be inappropriate for crops or gardens to grow. By the law of “as above, so below,” weather must match the condition of the people and the land.

5) Grandmother Has Plans: Often Grandmother, the being who is this earth, has plans for certain areas of her body. Tampering with weather can interfere with those plans so always check first before you start playing with weather.

Here’s a little anecdote for your enjoyment. During the fires at Yellowstone during the late 1980s, two students attempted to turn a giant storm toward Yellowstone using drumming and prayer. It was a massive storm and did turn, but not far enough to reach Yellowstone. The students were told in no uncertain terms by Grandmother that the intended Yellowstone to burn – for renewal and regrowth. Instead, the storm poured rain on a community to the East of Yellowstone, flooding it miserably!! As with all magic, take your time, think it through and do it right!