cowDo animal spirits care if we eat meat? How do they feel about it? One person recently posed this question to Esoteric School Expert Leta Worthington. Here’s her delightful reply:

“To Be or Not to Be: Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian? That is the Question.”

Many spiritual-minded metaphysicians or energy practitioners grapple with this question. “If we are all one, and we are all equal, how can we continue to eat animals?” In that vein, one might expand that question to include, “How can we continue to eat plants?” since the plant kingdom, many would argue, is every bit as conscious and intelligent as any other on the planet. Rest assured, species that are prey species or are eaten, including plants, have a consciousness and understanding in their own evolutionary path that allows for that.

Given the general level of spiritual evolvement on Planet Earth, we are still living in a place and time where we eat each other. What you eat is not as important as the consciousness with which you partake of and utilize the energy of what you put in your body. The Native Americans were well aware of this and always thanked the animal spirit when they made a kill. They killed only for food and sustenance and offered prayers before and after the hunt. Likewise, their spiritual ceremonies included reverence and recognition for the plants they ate and relied on to stay alive, corn being a prime example.

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