Almost everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of the magical elements air, fire, water and earth. Humans are no exception to this rule. As spirit beings we are each individual combinations of these four elements. Our dominant element plays a big role in determining the type of person we are, including how we think, how we feel, how we act and how we are.

Here’s a little guide to help you determine which element or elements are dominant in you:

Air governs thinking, planning, communicating, seeing, breathing, dreaming, imagination, understanding, mental activity, hearing, believing, memorizing, ideas, wisdom, worry, opinions, data, memory, mind, sensations, teaching.

Air people tend to be good communicators, easily grasp ideas, have quick minds, create lots of ideas, do a lot of planning, may have many lists, have their heads in the clouds, spend a lot of time in daydreams and imagination, worry a lot. Air people tend to say, “I think” or “I see.”

Fire governs will, power, desire, force, energy, anger, pain, motivation, radiance, passion, initiative, aggression, limitation, endeavor, activity, creation, urge, excitability, courage, compulsion, fanaticism, frustration, rage, freedom.

Fire people tend to be very active, act highly motivated, be driven, have a powerful presence, may like to argue, be forceful in their desires, love to be in the thick of things, love to create, may be very athletic, have extreme ideas and opinions. Fire people tend to speak in terms of doing, saying things like, “Let’s go do” or “What the world needs is a” or “Let’s try this.”

Water governs emotions, feelings, intuition, compassion, empathy, sympathy, knowing, devotion, quest, aspiration, intention, appreciation, integrity, harmony, beauty, balance, serenity, fluidity, apathy, joy, love.

Water people are very empathic, interact with the world through their feelings, can be very focused on the spiritual, seek comfort, enjoy “flow,” appreciate what they have, are highly intuitive, often enjoy being hermits, value beauty, are good at quiet study and seeking. Water people speak in terms of “I feel.”

Earth governs strength, money, foundation, endurance, structure, mundane world, serenity of beingness, solidity, boundaries, permanence, land, commerce, products, confidence, loyalty, persistence, stubbornness, security, anchor, substance, body, possessions.

Earth people are highly practical, focused on the mundane world, enjoy functionality, are “rocks” for other people, keep things stable, are highly loyal, value permanence, are often good at the practical side of business, have a Hobbit-like mentality to accumulate goods. Earth people speak in terms of practicality, such as “What is that for?” or “Why do you want to know that?”

Most of us are dominant in one or two elements. The combination of either air or water with either fire or earth leads to harmony. The combination of fire with earth can lead to chaos.

No matter which elements are dominant in you, you can change the way you interact with life by changing your energetic balances, which is taught in the Basic Magic Short Courses.