There is a point somewhere between the Heavens and Earth where an Eagle soars, wings outstretched, suspended on the air currents in perfect equilibrium.

There is a point in Reiki known as unconditional love; without conditions.

There is a point in Sat Nam Rasayan (“Relaxing into the space of Universal Truth”) called Sacred Space, where we take our self, and set our intention free, to be received by the cosmos.

There is a point in Cranio-Sacral tradition referred to as the “still point” where the body voluntarily releases all resistance and comes to a resting point of stillness within, and the inner rhythm is strengthened.

In this point we experience balance, or equality. No one thing is stronger or weaker than any other. All relationships exist cooperatively, peacefully. From within this point of peace, consciousness is free to expand into exhilaration.

Balance is the doorway to freedom.

Freedom is the experience of no resistance.

No resistance beholds joy. (Keeping in mind we require some resistance for our existence.)

Health is the art of Being in a state of Balance. The Point is; to create Balance. “Create Balance, you say?” Ah, now we are each sitting at the Point of Being, Creators of Balance, and suddenly we are on equal terms with Mother Nature, herself.

Each alone in a storm, like an innocent chick plucked from its nest, blown off course from ever returning, being told to learn to fly by the wind herself.

Ah, she is Mother… our first teacher! How do I, the innocent one listen? How do I learn from her example, recognize and follow Her Ways?

I begin with the first gift I was given, of my very own, when I passed through the birth canal and emerged into this world of form, Breath.

To begin any healing process, stop and breathe, paying close attention to the experience of each precious breath, without condition, as if it were your first breath. Br-EAT-h… what are we eating? We are eating of the Tree of Life, upon which hangs the fruit of prana, or life force itself.

“H,h,h,h,h” is a very breathy sound. To create it we must push breath out from deep within (behind and a little below) our navel. We can’t make the sound without engaging the activity of the navel point. All babies use their navel point, in fact, their whole body, even their entire Being, when sounding their alarm. This is wholeness.

So, now we are at the navel point. We bring to it our innate inner need for sound. Sound is our soul expression, our song, our self identity. Each sound or word which we send out creates an impact. Every sound we are receptive to creates an impact upon us. We have this medium known as sound which creates our exchange with our environments and Universe. That which we exchange becomes our experience, our reality.

We reveal our consciousness to every living Being around us through sound. Our thoughts eventually emerge from within as sound, if they are to emerge at all. Like an echo, what we send out is what the mountains, or life, reflects back to us.

Does what is being reflected back to us create health or non health, balance or imbalance, harmony or dissonance?

Each one of us sits alone, from our own vantage point as creators of Balance, to use our experience of receiving our own echo back, to access within our own consciousness whether our experiencing of our creation was harmonious or dissonant. Did it throw us physically, mentally, or emotionally off balance, or did it bring us closer to balance?

There is a mountain we climb whose name is “Health”. Each step we take along the path to the summit is either integrating and strengthens our life force, or disintegrating and weakens our ability to utilize life force. There are many vistas along the way which give us perspective as we proceed. Once we reach the summit there is a point where we sit, maintaining silence, where our perspective reaches out encompassing the whole, 360 degrees with no obstructions, and we feel exhilarated.

How do we build the foundation and lay the stepping stones for our unique path? How do we read the compass of these bodies we are given to help navigate our way? How do we sculpt the clay, turning it into a jeweled temple worthy of housing our Spirit? Where is the inner altar which is our mountain top?

Within the adventure of life itself lies the answers to these questions. We are meant to find these answers, by embarking on a life journey we fully participate in creating. The more in balance we become the more intimately we know the answers to these questions.

There are many paths, yet only one way to reach The Point.

I cannot give you your path, nor can I walk your path. But I may be able to offer a stone or two along the way. We are all here to help each other. This is a communal effort of building collective consciousness.

Some stones you may find enhance your path, or add jewels to the temple are:
A. Breath
B. Touch and feel
C. Chemical balance of the body and Diet
D. Meditation and Yoga
E. Communication and Understanding
F. Listening
G. Awareness

+++ About Devta Khalsa +++
Devta Khalsa draws from a broad spectrum of healing modalities. She has been training, practicing, researching, and teaching in the healing arts for over 30 years, in the US and Europe. She apprenticed at the TTEAM Headquarters in New Mexico for 3 1/2 years. Devta began her studies in the Ancient Art of Self Healing, through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, directly under the world master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, in 1972. She has been teaching yoga for over 25 years, and brings those techniques into all areas of her practice. She is also a minister and shamanic practitioner. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her website is