If you’ve got something that’s really been bothering you and you can’t quite seem to let go of it, just relax! You can use this simple neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) technique to neutralize your negativity. It’s so simple that you can do it during a fifteen minute break at work! Here’s what you do:

<><> STEP 1 <><>
Focus on the negative event that’s really bothering you. Keep your attention on this event until you can feel the feelings, think the thoughts, and almost taste everything associated with this event. Now touch the tips of your thumb and index finger on your left hand together for a few moments. Then move your fingers apart.

<><> STEP 2 <><>
Now focus your attention on a truly happy event from any time in your life. Again hold your focus until the event becomes very clear in your mind and then touch the tips of your right index finger and thumb together. Hold the contact for a few moments, and then move your fingers apart.

<><> STEP 3 <><>
Finally, think about the negative event again. Focus on it until you can hold it clearly in your attention. Now touch the thumb and index finger of your left hand together at the same time as you touch the thumb and index finger of your right hand together. Check in with how you feel. The sensation of negativity is instantly neutralized. Now that’s magic!

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