Last week we talked about gellin’ in life by keeping our sacred space clear of psychic clutter and negativity. This week we’re going to dive a little deeper and take a look at the bigger issues that crop up our lives (or even lifetime to lifetime).

If you’ve been on the spiritual journey for a while, you’ve probably noticed that there are some problems that can be easily solved with simple rituals, hypnosis, or tools like flower essences and aromatherapy. And then there are the other problems — the bigger ones that keep showing up no matter how much you work on them.

So what is the source of these problems and why are they so difficult to resolve? The answer is the many traditional or spiritual techniques work wonderfully at the conscious or subliminal levels of mind, but can’t access the deeper issues stored in the buried unconscious. Let’s take a look at these three levels:

CONSCIOUS MIND: This part of mind access thinking and stored memories from our current lifetime. The information is easy to access. The basic rituals of connection, assistance, and healing access conscious mind.

SUBLIMINAL MIND: This part of mind stores all data from past lifetimes, between lifetimes, and times from the distant past when we didn’t yet have bodies. It also stores all impressions that we didn’t consciously focus on, as well as body and cellular memories. Hypnosis can have a very positive effect on subliminal mind.

BURIED UNCONSCIOUS: Also known as “Bank” this part of mind stores all information acquired when Spirit was somehow absent or unconscious. Bank holds all information that Spirit needs to review and assign significance to. Spirit also needs to decide if any action needs to be taken. Spirit is usually absent or unconscious in moments of non-survival. Most traditional approaches such as psychotherapy or basic spiritual practices can’t access or clear Bank.

If you keep having the same life issues showing up in your life — which are usually the Big Four of health, relationships, life’s work, and money — and no amount of spiritual or therapeutic work has produced permanent results, you may be dealing with information stored in Bank.

Here’s how Bank works: Bank constantly monitors all our incoming data, scanning for words, impressions, sensory data or emotions that are similar to the data already stored there. It then acts on that data as if you were back in a past lifetime where the non-survival event happened. For instance, one woman was knocked unconscious in a car accident and someone told her to “wait here” while she was still out (Spirit was not present). Shortly afterward she began to gain a tremendous amount of weight. Bank interpreted the words “wait here” as “weight here” because both sound similar.

In another example, a man said, “I was 8 years old at our summer house in Maine with our family. They asked me if I wanted to go sailing with them on our boat. I said, ‘No,’ not realizing why I didn’t want to go but feeling very strong about it. They teased me and tried to convince me to go. I burst into tears without knowing why. I had this icy feeling of terror that I was going to die.” It was later discovered that this person had a prior lifetime in which he suffered great emotional shocks and losses. He then wandered the seven seas for over 20 years on a large schooner that he owned, drinking excessively every night until he died at the age of 47 and was buried at sea.

Some people with bank events prosper in certain kinds of work or in certain towns, but can’t seem to make ends meet when they change jobs or move to different towns. Bank is also the source of most compulsivity and much addiction. Why? Because when Bank “keys in” or comes online, we act and feel the same was as we did back in that other lifetime when we didn’t survive but we have no information about it and don’t know why we do it. Bank is about events in which we didn’t survive, so our behaviors are all about non-survival. Overeating, overspending, overdrinking, anorexia… these are all detrimental to us and are often (though not always) symptoms of Bank.

So what do we do about it? Modern psychology has little to offer in dealing with Bank, but shamanic traditions have a long history of exploring the unknown and unknowable parts of mind (just read Carlos Castaneda’s books!). Bank clearings are often the most effective way to quickly get to the core of the issue and clear it in this lifetime.

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