Do you remember that old Calgon commercial where the woman says, “Calgon, take me away”? Do you ever wish Calgon really could take you away from all you problems and life entanglements?

We don’t know how well Calgon actually works for real life problems, but if you want to clear yourself of negative energy and get a quick boost of positive energy, here’s a daily ritual that can really help. It’s called rooting, and it’s a way for you to ground your negative energies into the earth and receive fresh new energy. Here’s how you do it.

1. Sit in a comfortable chair that allows you to place your feet on the floor. Put your feet squarely on the floor and stay relaxed. Close your eyes and center yourself.

2. Extend roots from the bottoms of your feet down into the earth. You might have to push your roots through carpet, flooring, sub-floor, etc. first. Don’t think about whether you have roots or not, just do it!

3. Push your roots all the way through the soil until you reach bedrock. You’ll know when your there.

4. Wrap your roots into the bedrock. With every exhaling breath, push any energies you don’t want down your roots and into the bedrock. With every inhaling breath, pull fresh, clean, grounded energies up from the bedrock.

5. Repeat the cycle of energy exchange with the breath until you feel at peace.

6. Carefully pull your roots all the up until they are completely retracted into your feet. Then you are free to move around again.

7. If you move your feet before you retract your roots, you will feel a popping sensation and your feet might be sore for a few days. If the phone rings or you get interrupted during your rooting session, pull your roots up first before moving!

Enjoy this wonderful daily magical exchange with the earth. You will feel both refreshed and positively energized as a result!